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Trump Catches A YUGE Break After Indictment

President Donald Trump’s luck has struck again as his chosen judge is set to preside in his new Florida criminal case.

The Department of Justice, run by President Joe Biden, filed a seven-count criminal indictment against Trump on Thursday and the former president is due to appear in court in Florida on Tuesday.

It just so happens that U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon – appointed by Trump – will preside over the politically motivated case.

Judge Aileen Cannon has been described as an experienced and respected jurist who is known for being independent and fair when it comes to her decisions regardless of politics or personal views, however, some liberal activists have called for her removal from overseeing Trump’s case due to their disagreement with her previous rulings in favor of him.

In spite of this outcry from certain members of the left-leaning movement, it appears that Judge Cannon will remain at the helm of this particular trial which could prove favorable for President Trump if history holds true to form given her past decisions regarding him and other matters unrelated to him – although one can never know what could happen until all evidence has been presented and evaluated properly within a courtroom setting with full impartiality expected by both sides involved in any legal dispute such as this one involving Donald J. Trump.

It remains unclear how things will play out between now and next Tuesday when President Donald Trump stands before Judge Aileen Cannon but we can rest assured knowing that whatever transpires between these two legal personalities will be done so with respect for each other’s position even if they do not agree personally or politically speaking about any matter pertaining to this federal litigation process going forward over the coming days ahead.

Guardian reporter Hugo Lowell said: “Trump-appointed US district court judge Aileen Cannon was listed on the summons sent to Trump yesterday, per ppl familiar — indicating she may be the presiding judge. Cannon granted Trump a special master during the investigation last year.”

MSNBC analyst Joyce Alene immediately tried to calm down the panicked Left by saying Garland will try to remove Cannon.

Alene said: “Before everyone gets too spun up about reports Judge Cannon has been assigned to the Trump case, a little law. I used to be an appellate chief in the 11th Circuit (where Florida is) and I litigated a few appeals where we asked the court of appeals to order a judge to recuse. Although a judge’s behavior in court generally doesn’t form the basis for recusal, the 11th Circuit has ordered ‘reassignment’ where a judge leans so heavily for a defendant they call their objectivity in the eyes of the public into question.”




7 Responses

  1. The left devils will never leave Trump alone. The fools will continue to harass him, file false charges, and make his life as miserable as they can. Only in China…oh wait, this is America…where supposedly this shouldn’t be happening. Those folks who “always vote” blue are either totally uninformed or are as corrupt as the democrat party. How sad for our country.

  2. LMAO! Well here they want to quote the law to remove the judge from the case! But in New York they want no part of recusing a judge that is clearly against Trump! And so what we have is law where only what the Democrat wants we should use! But if it is in favor of the republican? Well that they want ignored and thrown out! Sounds like a good way to destroy the courts altogether! As why would anybody even show up to such a crap show? That goes for the DOJ as well! And the FBI! IRS! NSA! CIA! Maybe we need to just toss the entire decision making part of government and start over! And if you are a buddy of any of them you can’t even run !

  3. In other words, this slime bag Liberal Lawyer doesn’t want this judge so he thinks he has the right to have her removed for no other reason than he is afraid she will not follow the law unless she finds President Trump guilty of these “Trumped up” charges before the trial even begins !!!! Typical Liberal ploys !!!! It AIN’T GONNA WORK THIS TIME, GARLAND !!!! This Trial will be conducted on a LEVEL playing field where GARLAND does not run the show !!!!! Then President Trump will found NOT GUILTY of ALL CHARGES, and Garland and biden can go suck it !!!!

  4. Will he be able to try and do that before he himself is removed…AAAHHHhahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  5. Democrats are CRIMINALLY INSANE! Never forget that Democrats started the Civil War which cost well of 600,000 dead vs WWI and WWII dead totaled about 450,000 dead. The Democrat Civil war crime is even worse when we adjust for the population size at the time.
    I believe the Democrats are operating under a Satanic spell which has dehumanized them beyond all sanity and reason. Democrats will never stop until we mobilize the power to finally stop them.

  6. in all my years on the planet, I have never seen such fear of one man. the deep swamp is petrified that Trump will be re-elected. they know the fake ballots won’t work this time, so now they have to try to imprison bribems biggest threat to retaining the selection to the Whitehouse. I can only hope that one day he gets what he is due, and then some. does O have a relative??????

  7. it’s all just sickening. isn’t it disgusting how rule made by the liberal sub-human pond scum doesn’t work for the republicans? they’re all corrupt BULLIES that whine and purport violence if they don’t get their way. a bunch of psychopathic children. totally diagnosable. God bless AMERICAN and God bless PRESIDENT TRUMP.

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