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Tucker Carlson: ‘J6 is Second Only to 2020 Election as Biggest Scam in My Lifetime’

On Tuesday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson had on January 6 defendant Daniel Goodwyn and his attorney Carol Stewart to discuss being charged with terrorism for walking into the Capitol, and then exiting less than a minute after he was told to leave.

As Mediaite reported:

Daniel Goodwyn pleaded guilty last month to entering the Capitol and faces up to six months in prison. He was arrested in January 2021 and was granted bond. During a pretrial proceeding, a judge threatened to revoke it if Goodwyn kept refusing to adhere to masking protocols. In one bizarre incident, the FBI placed a mask on the defendant, only to have him try to chew through it.

Prosecutors said at the time that Goodwyn “challenges the instructions using word games” and becomes “easily frustrated, angry, and negative.”

“So how can people who do care make a difference for these – and I’m just gonna say it – these political prisoners?” Carlson asked Goodwyn.

The defendant replied that there is a website where people can support the January 6 defendants.

He also discussed how the cops responding to the so-called insurrection were very violent.

“There was a lot of police violence that happened that day,” Goodwyn explained. “And yeah, that needs to be investigated.”

“Jan. 6 I think is probably second only to the 2020 election as the biggest scam in my lifetime,” Carlson responded. “And you know it is because they become completely hysterical when confronted with any facts that deviate from their lies.”

He added, “Godspeed, and thank you.”

I am younger than Carlson….but I would have to admit, the stolen election and how Conservatives were censored on social media at the time is probably the biggest scam of my life thus far. Not far behind that is the January 6 protest and the blatant lies surrounding it.

I hope Goodwyn gets justice.




8 Responses

  1. Tucker is absolutely right about the election and Jan6. All the people sitting in jail or waiting on trial should be released and dropped. Why weren’t BLM AND ANTIFA people arrested. That is your real terrorist groups. The mayor of DC, Pelosi, Liz Cheney and the FBI should be behind bars for letting it happen in the 1st. place.

  2. Known Government Tyranny against Americans off the top of my head.
    1 JFK Assassination
    2 Waco Texas
    3 Harney County Oregon
    4 9/11/21
    5 2020 Election
    6 Covid 19
    7 Jan 6th 2021
    8 BIOWEAPON “vaccine” 2021-
    9 2022 Election
    10 May as well put the 2024 Election in now because we all know it’s guaranteed to be stolen.

  3. I think that everyone involved with the J6 Committee should be jailed for being stupid and uncaring. How is it possible to have an “honest” investigation when the investigators tell you what you saw, what you heard, or what you did, even before even doing what they say you did. That’s not an honest investigation. It’s just a total waste of money and time. How many millions of dollars was wasted on this “show of shows?” And the tax payors have to pay for it. How much of the so-called time was devoted to doing what they were elected to do in the first place. What did the tax payors get in return. especially when we have to start the costs with the Speaker-of-the-House, her staff, the Capitol Police tour guides, and work our way down the pole of crazy to reach stupid.

  4. Domestic Terrorists?? The Real Domestic Terrorists are the Members of Biden’s Gang of Incompetent Malcontents and the Democrat Party! Justice? There is No Real Justice only the a Distorted Appearance of Justice. By the way, Our Current Government bears a Strong Resemblance to the NAZI Party of Germany. Think about it!

  5. Absolutely, a Nazzi government now maybe even a communist country now.
    It is obvious that Biden does not know where he is at. So it must be the x president elected with corrupt voting machines calling the shots for him. The crooked FBI never checked out his birth certificate or he would have never been allowed to hold the position regardless of what name he goes by today.

  6. The Republicans need to stay on target and not allow a pip-squeek in NY to alter their course. J6 demonstrators age aging in prisons unjustly. The Biden family’s corruption may exceed that of all the mafia gangs. Our corrupt DOJ may be beyond rehabilitation. Our country is being invaded at the Southern Border. The Federal and State election systems are an abysmal excuse for a Constitutionally governed country. And, the economy has been destroyed by the deficit Federal spending. The House of Representatives needs to be burn8ng the midnight oil and not luxuriate in the afterglow of failed promises.

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