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Tucker Carlson Proclaims, “We Are Going to War with Iran. Are We Ready For This?”

On Monday, Tucker Carlson discussed the growing tensions between the United States and Iran on his show.

After a terror attack by Hamas killed over 1,300 Jews, Iran has threatened the United States.

Last Wednesday missiles were launched at the USS Carney in Yemen’s Red Sea, which were intercepted by US forces.

In response to this, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced increased military presence in the Middle East over the weekend and Secretary of State Anthony Blinken admitted there is a likelihood of escalation from Iranian proxies against US personnel.

From these events, it appears that war with Iran may be imminent.

“We seem to be heading to war with Iran. Certainly, the Biden Administration is pushing us in that direction. What’s new and interesting and ominous is that very few Republicans – the opposition party, are pushing back. Instead, some of the party’s leaders are encouraging it,” Tucker said as he played a clip of Senator Lindsey Graham saying the US might need to bomb Iran’s oil refineries.


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2 Responses

  1. I’m not sorry that I disagree with Tucker’s military ‘advisor’ guest. He appears to think Israel should just continue to absorb these attacks, because the “collateral damage” would be unacceptable in an attempt to ELIMINATE Hamas/Hezbollah. If America had been targeted and lost the commensurate numbers of people by population that Israel did, that would mean over 38,000 dead, not just our ‘Pearl Harbor’ and 9.11 combined, but nearly the number we lost after we abandoned Vietnam before accepting/securing the victory! The “collateral damage” we unleashed on Germany and Japan is exponentially more massive than anything Israel can do to Palestine/Gaza, or even Iran.

    This ‘military genius’ needs reminding that “The Only Thing Necessary For EVIL To Triumph Is For Good People To Do NOTHING!” Armageddon may well be on the way; however, I tend to believe that ‘Armageddon’ is required if you BELIEVE; however, only He knows when and where it will start. The caution is to “Keep Your Eyes On The Middle East!”

  2. Biden is heading to war with Iran????? He has been supporting them, In words and in money. The support your seeing for Israel from this administration and the left media is a front that shows his false support for them now

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