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University Basketball Coach Bemoans “Run-of-the-Mill White Kids” on The Team

Out of the blue, Biden suddenly began to vociferate. He pounded his fist on the podium as he addressed the Jewish leaders.

“If you look at my team, you know, we’re pretty much the United Nations. I have the first Indian woman to ever play at the Power 5. I have kids who are Nigerian and kids who are Dominican and kids who are Mexican and kids who are run of the mill white because they’re still there too,” Moseley said.

As soon as she realized she , “My mom is white just so nobody is offended. My mom is a white woman from the Berkshires. Very white.”


OutKick reported that Moseley has a dismal record of coaching in Madison, leading to their poor performance.

“Moseley is entering her third year with the Wisconsin Badgers, and currently holds an abysmal 19-40 record with the program. She’s 11-25 in the Big Ten and has never finished above 10th in the B1G. To say her tenure in Madison is off to a bad start would be an understatement, especially when considering she’s earning a healthy $650,000 a year.” Outkick reported.

Moseley offered up a Marxist word salad as her ‘apology’ after major backlash following her remarks about white kids.

“Yesterday at Big Ten Media Days, when asked a question, I made a mistake and use words that I regret. Those words do not reflect my thinking or my values. I apologize for the impact they have had. I sincerely value every member of my team and respect the variety of backgrounds and perspectives we have,” she said in a statement posted to X.

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8 Responses

  1. She DID NOT bemoan the presence of whites on her team at all. Stop the slander in order to try to put out a false story.

    A conservative Christian

  2. Dang…maybe the record would be better if they had a white coach to handle the diverse players. Why was this article published ?

  3. The Whore of the Baskervilles oh wait just the coach or EXCOACH I hope of this low life College

  4. She bemoans the presence of “run-of-the-mill white kids.” Another entitled black that believes we should all knuckle under to her racist demands. Hey coach Moseley, it is your job to teach and coach people to do better, not to complain that they aren’t all stars before they arrive.

  5. That FAT RACIST BITCH ain’t no coach.
    I wonder how many running drills she does WITH the team. I’m going to say none. Probably on the bench eating a smorgasbord.

  6. Just WHY is she making $650,000 a year? Why is she a Coach. She would serve better as a COUCH . Bet her PILLOWS are “firm” and “PLUMP” .
    I bet she is kin to Obama’s White momma, cause she be so light and you know , you know she be admitting’ dat her momma be WHITE, REALLY WHITE.

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