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US Attorney, Prosecutor Emailed Praises To Joe Biden’s Secret Address

A prosecutor from the US Attorney’s Office in Delaware emailed Joe Biden’s confidential email account and expressed his admiration for the Biden family.

Alexander Mackler, a prosecutor in Dave Weiss’s office, conducted an investigation into Hunter Biden between August 2016 and May 2019.

He previously sent an email to Joe Biden at his “Robin Ware” address expressing admiration for the Biden family.

The Daily Mail reported:

A Delaware prosecutor who worked in the office that is now prosecuting Hunter Biden sent messages to a secret email address that Hunter’s father Joe had set up for himself, laptop records show.

Alexander Mackler, 40, is a Biden family friend and worked as a prosecutor in the Delaware US Attorney’s office from August 2016 through May 2019 – when the office’s probe into Hunter’s shady overseas dealings was already underway.

Congress is demanding records from the Biden administration on Joe’s use of personal email addresses to conduct government business, after communications on Hunter’s laptop show the president used at least four aliases, with fake names including ‘Robert L Peters’ and ‘Robin Ware’.

One of the emails shows Mackler wrote to Joe at the address [email protected].

Mackler, now Deputy Delaware Attorney General, worked as campaign manager for Joe’s late son Beau Biden in his successful 2010 bid for the state’s AG. In July 2015, a month after Beau’s death, Mackler wrote a heartfelt condolence email to the Biden family, including to one of Joe’s secret addresses.

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5 Responses

  1. It seems that they think we the People will not find out but somebody did and time to get them for it too

  2. Ask yourself, why did a federal prosecutor send such a personal message to an email alias…and how did he get this alias in the first place?

    Second, he had no business being involved in any investigation of any Biden family member. This is a clear and obvious conflict of interest that any attorney knows full well is illegal. He also knows HE HAS A LEGAL OBLIGATION to report this conflict of interest as soon as any investigation into the Biden family came to his office.

    He should be disbarred and any investigation he touched should be the subject of investigation by the Inspector General’s office.

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