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US Military Turns Terrorist Who Killed 148 People Including Americans Into Room Temperature

The US Military struck and killed a senior leader of Somalia’s Islamic terrorist group al-Shabaab, Maalim Ayman in a drone attack on Sunday. This was a special forces operation and Ayman was the high value target they were looking for. The bad news is that thus will take us that much closer to war and since Biden has always been a war hawk, this just might be his intention since presidents who are in the middle of a war find it easier to get reelected.

The strike was carried out near Jilib, Somalia. U.S. Africa Command said in a statement:

“The command’s initial assessment is that one al-Shabaab militant was killed in the strike and that there were no civilian casualties.”

“This is another step to defeat the terrorist group that undermines Somalia’s peace and development. Al-Shabaab is the largest and most kinetically active al-Qaeda network in the world and has proved both its will and capability to attack U.S. forces and threaten U.S. security interests. U.S. Africa Command, alongside its partners, continues to take action to prevent this malicious terrorist group from planning and conducting attacks on civilians.”

Ayman has been accused of being responsible for the January 5, 2020, terror attack on a military base in Manda Bay, Kenya. In that attack two American contractors and one soldier was killed. Als9o six American aircrafts were totally destroyed. The attack on Ayman comes as the first pushback after many attacks on commercial ships in the region by the Iranian surrogates. A coaalition is coming together to fight against the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorists.

The administration unveiled:

“the establishment of Operation Prosperity Guardian, an important new multinational security initiative under the umbrella of the Combined Maritime Forces and the leadership of its Task Force 153, which focuses on security in the Red Sea.”

From The Daily Wire

Operation Prosperity Guardian is comprised of 20 countries combining forces to ensure safety in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden, including the U.S., United Kingdom, Bahrain, Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Seychelles, Greece, Australia, and Spain. Other countries that were participating in the operation asked to not be identified, according to Reuters.

Biden has repeatedly refused to launch strikes against the Houthis, even though some of their attacks appear to have targeted U.S. destroyers operating in the area. Biden’s lack of action has frustrated many of his top military officials who say that he has done nothing to establish deterrence as he does not want to risk upsetting Iran.

The Associated Press reported that the attacks have upended global commerce as some of the world’s largest shipping companies and oil producers have had to reroute their ships, taking significantly longer routes that can delay shipments by weeks and drive up costs for consumers.




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    1. He has voted yes on every military action and he is now leading us into war in Yemen and Somalia. Yeah, he is a warhawk.

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