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US Supreme Court Agrees to Hear Trump’s Case After Colorado Bans Him From the Ballot

The Supreme Court Has Agreed to hear Trump’s case against the Colorado Supreme Court for banning him from the primary ballot. This is the result of the far left extremists desperately trying to save Joe Biden. Democrats have already banned anyone but Biden on the ballot, while states are attempting join Colorado in order to keep Trump from crushing Biden in November. When did we become a third world country? It was right after Democrats decided to quit covering up their hatred for the United States and the US Constitution.

The truth is that Trump has never been convicted for insurrection and in fact he has never even been charged with that. Any court or Secretary of State (Maine) that bans Trump from any ballot is violating the Constitution in two ways. First, they are basically declaring Trump guilty without any due process at all. And indeed the Colorado Supreme Court did not list any viable fact of insurrection that President Trump ever committed. Secondly, only the legislators in Congress can ban him from the ballots.

Just the fact that SCOTUS agreed to hear the case suggests that Trump will win out. It takes four justices tovote to hear a case. We are not told what the vote was, but Trump would need just one more vote than he already is confirmed to have.

Trump’s petition stated:

“The question of eligibility to serve as President of the United States is properly reserved for Congress, not the state courts, to consider and decide. By considering the question of President Trump’s eligibility and barring him from the ballot, the Colorado Supreme Court arrogated Congress’ authority.”

From The Daily Caller

Trump’s brief, along with any other friend-of-the-court briefs, must be filed by Jan. 18. The respondent’s brief is due by Jan. 31, and Trump’s reply brief is due by Feb. 5, according to the Court’s order.

Twenty-seven states filed an amicus brief Friday urging the Supreme Court to reverse the Colorado ruling.

The Colorado Supreme Court acknowledged that they traveled in “uncharted territory” when it issued the decision in December.

“The sum of these parts is this: President Trump is disqualified from holding the office of President under Section Three; because he is disqualified, it would be a wrongful act under the Election Code for the Secretary to list him as a candidate on the presidential primary ballot,” the Colorado Supreme Court wrote in its opinon.

Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows also issued a ruling Dec. 28 finding Trump was ineligible to appear on the state’s ballot, which he appealed Tuesday.

Trump did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

I believe that this plan comes straight from the DNC that realizes the only way Biden can win is if President Trump is kept of the ballot. But, like all Democratic plans, this is doomed to fail and even worse for Democrats who are giving Republicans a reason to make sure they vote.




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