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Fleeing Drug Suspect Dies After New York City Police Officer Knocks Him Off Motorcycle with Cooler

The New York Daily News reported on Thursday that Eric Duprey, a drug suspect fleeing a Bronx buy-and-bust drug sting, died after being knocked off his motorcycle by an NYPD sergeant’s cooler.

Sgt. Erik Duran, an NYPD Bronx narcotics veteran since 2010, was suspended without pay shortly after the incident.

The NYPD has stated that the New York Attorney General’s office is leading the investigation into this incident with their assistance.  The medical examiner will be determining an official cause of death.

According to reports from the New York Daily News, the incident occurred at 5:30 pm on Wednesday near Aqueduct Avenue and West 190th Street in Kingsbridge Heights.

An eyewitness who was with relatives nearby reported seeing a clash begin shortly before then.

The 42-year-old explained to the paper that Duran took his cooler which was full and hit Duprey with it.

He (Duprey) was on the bike, moving north when the cops started chasing him. Then he took a U-turn and was riding on the sidewalk. The cop then took my cooler, which was filled with soda cans, water bottles, and hit him.

Surveillance footage has captured the moment when Mr. Duran threw a cooler at Mr. Dupree from close range, causing him to fall off his motorcycle and into a parked car as the vehicle skidded to a stop.


31-year-old Erika Duprey Soto, the sister of the deceased suspect, expressed her sorrow and confusion following the incident.

She informed the Daily News that there was no justification for a police officer to throw a cooler at her brother while he was allegedly attempting to flee from the scene of a crime.

It’s crazy that the cop threw a cooler at him.

“He used to work as a delivery man for Uber, DoorDash. He used the same scooter for deliveries that he was riding yesterday when he was attacked.”

I still can’t understand what happened. He’s gone. I loved my brother to death.

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19 Responses

  1. I less person we have to provide for. No jail time for him. How many people died because of his drug operation. Karma hits again.

  2. The dead guys actions, selling drugs, fleeing the police, are the cause of his death not the police trying to apprehend him and protect the rest of us law abiding citizens.

    1. Exactly! This is the CRT/WOKE blame game and “don’t take responsibility for your actions BS!” Entitled, enabled and crazy losers think they can say “they are right and the world is wrong” like they are trying to do here! That is what the George Floyd disaster was and this criminality and encouragement of it “Must Stop!”

      I’m sure this punk dope dealer knew he was in the wrong and some of the undercover cops and others must have yelled stop to him; but he chose to say “stick it in your ear I’m out of here!” That’s one bet he lost and that is all on him! Do the crime then do the time or even worse.

      His family member whining now is Wrong as well as useless and I say to her what about the tens of thousands of young kids and adults dying each day due to the Fentynal epidemic or some bad dope, what about that! And how many of those deaths did your family member probably have a hand in causing due to distributing this poison!

      Crocodile tears now looking for sympathy and Money from the City and Taxpayer that’s your tune! He and you get what you deserve for all the evil and harm you cause being involved in the illicit drug trade which is murder! Bravo to the cops for doing their job and this ending most likely helped save some young people from a drug overdose!

  3. Come on humans your’re being played by being made to feel sorry for criminals, this is what can happen when daddy is not playing in the park with those kids. If not this sooner or later the drugs would have probably got this great daddy.

  4. QUESTION: Would they be this upset if he died from an overdose?
    QUESTION: Would they be this upset if he had hit and killed a child or another adult on the sidewalk while he tried to flee?
    I am sorry he’s dead but seriously?

    1. Precisely! That is their job and for good reason, this isn’t a completely lawless world yet! The article says undercover cops in the process of a drug bust were there! And so if a crime was being committed during a sting operation or surveillance of known perps the cops damn well have the right under the law as LEO’s to capture, detain and arrest any suspects! And that is the way it is in the real world, so you don’t run from law enforcement when they tell you halt; you stop and comply then wait to allow them to question and determine if said suspect is actually involved in the commissioning of a crime!

  5. Well….

    Perhaps he should have stopped when ordered to by police?

    SUICIDE BY COP is the best he gets.

  6. He was only a suspect. Now he’s dead. Because another cop thought he was judge and jury. Crimes by cops seem to be increasing. Just what kind of lawless law enforcement members are the Mayor, Police Commissioner, and Police Chief hiring these days?

    1. So you believe miscreants have the right to flee arrest without fear of harm by being stopped? YOU ARE PRECISELY what’s wrong with this rapidly declining country. It’s socialist progressive people like you who contribute to the dangerous and fetid environment we law-abiding God-fearing people face.

      1. Reece you are correct and these low life Marxist or Woke morons are sickening and need to be deported! The only time they would speak well of law enforcement is if she or her daughter were being dragged into an alley and getting raped and a cop ran into saver her; they they would say cops are OK! These people are so stupid and disrespectful of what is good; they really need to get the hell out of America!

    2. Marlene you assume way too much! How do you know he was just a suspect where you there and you have all the facts in front of you, no you do not; so don’t bellyache for the criminals, this was a sting and the POS was fleeing so non-criminals when crimes are going down and police say halt they stop and say yes sir or ma’am! Innocent people don’t run from the law enforcement, they are not the enemy the criminals are; so get you marbles right before you cry for another evil George Floyd sob! Sick and tired of this stupid crap by idiot criminals and more idiots shooting their mouths off and they don’t know jack!

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