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Video Of Judge Overseeing Trial Goes Viral As Trump Appears In Manhattan Court

Former President Donald Trump appeared in court in Manhattan on Monday morning for the commencement of his trial regarding charges of fraud.

New York Attorney General Letitia James launched an investigation into Trump and alleged that he had exaggerated the value of his assets.

In late September, Judge Arthur Engoron determined that Trump and his organization had perpetrated deception in constructing his real estate empire.

Judge Engoron concluded that Trump had intentionally misrepresented his wealth and overestimated his assets to financial institutions, insurers, and other parties.

Evidence provided by the court indicated that Trump’s children had aided him in exaggerating his net worth by billions of dollars. The Court of Appeals in New York State denied Trump’s attempt to have the civil trial postponed.

Judge Engoron ordered the revocation of several business licenses owned by the Trump Organization, making it difficult for them to operate in New York.

He has also declared that an independent monitor will oversee the organization. A video of Judge Engoron went viral recently, which featured him smiling when the camera did a close-up.


Last month, Judge Engoron ruled that the former President and his businesses, under the Trump Organization umbrella, had engaged in deception regarding the valuation of their various businesses despite filing two-page disclaimers with financial statements indicating that such estimates were made in good faith.

In October, a trial is set to begin for an action brought by New York Attorney General Letitia James seeking $250 million in damages. Supporters of Trump view this case as primarily a political ploy to harm his campaign and bar him permanently from conducting business in New York State.

“Engoron’s ruling is likely to cause a shockwave across New York in general, with many firms now likely to review how they handle their financial estimates and information if the government, alongside the far left judiciary, is left in charge of interpreting their finances,” the National Pulse reported.

“Trump’s lawyers argue there was no evidence of public harm caused by Trump’s actions, and that some of the allegations were even barred by the statute of limitations. The leftist judge refused to throw out the case” however, the report continued.

“I have been unfairly sued by the Trump-Hating Democrat Attorney General of New York State, Letitia James, over the false fact that I inflated my Financial Statements in order to borrow money from Banks, etc.,” Trump raged in response to his Truth Social platform.

“The Judge in the case, Arthur F. Engoron, refused to allow this case to go to the ‘Commercial Division,’ where it belongs because he is a Trump Hater beyond even A.G. James, who campaigned against me spewing horrible inflammatory statements which are False & Defamatory. I am not even allowed a Jury!” he added.

Attorney General James issued a statement on Monday morning prior to the trial. Proofread carefully to ensure all spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors are corrected.

“For years, Donald Trump falsely inflated his net worth to enrich himself and cheat the system. We won the foundation of our case last week and proved that his purported net worth has long been rooted in incredible fraud. In this country, there are consequences for this type of persistent fraud, and we look forward to demonstrating the full extent of his fraud and illegality during the trial,” James wrote in a statement.

“No matter how rich or powerful you are, there are not two sets of laws for people in this country. The rule of law must apply equally to everyone, and it is my responsibility to make sure that it does,” she added.

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12 Responses

  1. What fools are the Judge & AG. I’m sure if their records are investigated, no telling what could be found. Just another way to deflect attention for their own criminal behavior.

    How do such idiots get licensed as attorney’s. I wonder who they paid to get where they are in life.

    No one, no one, no one, can inflate their true wealth, because, no lender in this world will allow anyone to walk through their doors stating a price for their RE properties & think the lender is going to loan money based on some stupid price by some stupid idiot. All properties that come with loans, must always have appraisals on those properties & no lender will loan more than the value & usually there must be 3% to 30% down payment up front & then the loan amount is determined & then the lender grants the loan.

    How stupid can anyone be to think differently. God forbid how these 2 idiots got into any kind of office. When KARMA strikes these 2 individuals, no telling what it will be for them. KARMA always comes back to those who hate others. The Bible plainly says “one reaps what they sow”……. Look at how both of these fools have broken the law in multiple areas to try & sink Trump.

    1. True, not only do lenders conduct their own appraisals of a potential customer’s property, so do the taxing institutions (city, state, county, etc.); the latter send their own appraisers, to value any property. Sometimes, the two different institutions agree on said property’s value and sometimes they do not. As for the black-robed Engoron, he, obviously, knows absolutely nothing about real estate and should not even be overseeing this case. He should be thrown off the bench, for abuse and overreach and the entire case thrown out!!

      1. Absolutely true and they should both be disbarred and imprisoned for what they have done. New York state/city have become little more than a cesspool for the Trump hating woke left. I have a question or two for any conservative American still living in New York. 1st; WHY? 2nd; Have you filed paperwork yet to remove your city/town/community from the socialist left’s grip? They are destroying you and your children’s lives. Nobody I know of wants to visit, much less move to New York. How much has the value of any property you may own in New York dropped?

  2. A judge shouldn’t even have the appearance of partisanship, let alone obviously being a partisan. This clown has no business anywhere near this case.

  3. The lending institution has a fiduciary responsibility to verify the value of collateral, offered against a loan. I have never heard of any lender complaining of discrepancy.

  4. Dems are so business stupid they think commercial banks give out loans without legally required bank appraisals!

  5. Corruption at the highest level of anti-American bench sitters. Like the song says, “can you smell that smell…”

  6. The Judge like Biden needs to be removed for the sake of TRUTH, the RULE of LAW, the Constitution and because he is a political pawn and thrilled to be

  7. These politicians should be hauling these DA’s and Judges in and asking them under oath about their contacts with the DOJ and Biden representatives prior to the investigation starting. Engoron and James aren’t part of the justice system, they are the reason we need a one-tiered justice system. Engoron will surely be overturned once his TDS and partisanship is re eased in a higher court.

    1. Start HANGING these crooked BASTARDS on LIVE TELEVISION!!!!

  8. Where does NY get these clowns from? They know nothing about real life.There is not a bank anywhere, that will loan money on just the owner’s say so. That is why there are people that are called appraisers, they set the value of property.

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