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Video Shows ‘Transgender Mafia’ Assault Alex Stein, Douse Him With Hot Coffee, and Spit on Him: Police Stand By and Do Nothing

Do you suppose that it’s time to declare trans-activists as domestic terrorists and would it even matter as cops stand around and do nothing when people are attacked by these thugs? The latest victim of their terrorism is BlazeTV personality, Alex Stein. He was spit on, had water, and hot coffee thrown at him and actual physical assaults while the police stood around, scared out of their mind by child groomers. I would not argue against defunding the NYC police.

But we don’t yet know if the police were ordered to stand down or if they acted on their own. Either way, the police have become unnecessary at leftist riots. Why bother sending them? What is wrong? Can’t they find any peaceful protesters to arrest? You know, send in a couple of SWAT teams and let them terrify wives and young children. Stein was assaulted for daring to present a different viewpoint at a Transgender Day of Visibility event. The event was held in Union Square, a hop, skip, and a jump from Greenwich Village.

Stein told the crowd:

“It’s okay to be gay, don’t cut your penis off today!”

“Children cannot consent! You guys are all sick!”

Seconds later, Stein was assaulted by the mob and his phone was knocked out of his hands. Stein is shoved and someone in the crowd stole his hat from his head. A man tried to wrap his arms around Stein to bring him down. Another person wearing a “Protect Trans Kids” sucker-punches Alex in the head. A woman shoves Stein from behind.

The man who spit on Stein said:

“Hey buddy, I got COVID too.”

Stein wrote on Twitter:

 “The person that spits on me admits that they have Covid but the NYPD refuses to protect & serve their citizens from monsters like this.”

“NYPD you see the coffee, you see them throwing it on me. You don’t do a damn thing about it cause you protect groomers, these NYPD, they care about groomers. You got the cops here, they don’t do anything about it.”

“You’re causing a big scene. I don’t want you to get hurt, I don’t want them to get hurt.”

Obviously, the police did not give a damn about Stein getting hurt, but what do you think would have happened to Stein if he fought back?

From The Blaze

When a man in the crowd waved a fan in Stein’s face, Alex said, “Just because your gay and weird doesn’t mean you’re right.”

An aggressive transgender supporter threatened Alex, “I will break your face.”

Stein reacted to the backlash by telling TheBlaze, “The transgender mafia is absolutely focused on grooming as many children into their weird agenda and due to social justice and progressivism the police as well as United States military now think gender is not based in biology, but it’s just a social construct when it’s pretty basic that a boy and a girl are needed to make a baby so if you think you’re safe from this indoctrination just wait because I promise I’m headed to the city near you soon.”

A week ago, Stein was also assaulted at the “Youth Demonstration for Trans Rights” in San Francisco, California. At the transgender rally, Stein was also doused with water and coffee by so-called progressives.

The crowd became angry when Stein asked, “What rights do you not have?”

A liberal suggested that Stein should commit suicide.




9 Responses

  1. It’s proven, it’s shown over & over by their actions that these individuals who believe God made them the wrong sex have grave mental issues, they should not be allow into any position of authority in our government, military, hospitals, schools or police, nor should they be allow firearms access.

  2. Backing the Blue is a waste of time. They don’t care about the people. Militias and private security do.

  3. The tranny trash movement will become the most militant & violent group of insanity that this country will face in the next few years.

  4. Law enforcement has become emasculated. Or should I say neutered. Or should I say fixed.

  5. This is just so sad & wrong! If, as a consenting adult, you wish to live a particular way, within the basic laws of civil society, so be it: you have the right to do so, under the free will Yhwh God gave each of His creations. But YOUR “rights” end at that point at which they encounter another’s right to do likewise; you do NOT have the right to claim or demand special privileges or protections, or to violate the basic laws of civility, regardless your “feelings” or wants, any more than the next person does. Neither do you have a “right” to never feel offended by others’ words, nor to punish others for choosing to let your “feelings” be hurt! We are all unique, & no 2 will agree about everything always, period; that just doesn’t happen. Punishing another so you can feel better about yourself only shows just how small a person you are, & may cause harm to the other, a criminal act on YOUR part, not his. The entire purpose for the 1st A is to protect the speech that is unpopular or “offensive” to some, but may well need to be spoken & heard; however, that never covers, nor was intended to do so, language that incites to violence, or threatens such, against others, or endangers others (such as yelling “fire” in a crowded venue where no fire is present, & panic may cause injury or death).
    Quite honestly, it’s those who yell the loudest about their “hurt feelings” & being “attacked” for their behavior choices who appear to be the MOST offensive to others, & the ones doing the attacking & bullying, while demanding legal protection to do so. Ask yourselves HONESTLY, why you feel SO COMPELLED to be “seen”, accepted, & celebrated by everyone else. What is it you can’t find in yourselves? Most people, regardless life style choices, are not so compelled, nor do they feel “cheated” by just going about living their own lives according to their beliefs. They don’t go about demanding special days or weeks or months to be “celebrated”, “seen”, etc; why must you? What, in YOU, is so lacking; because it IS from within yourselves, not others’ behaviors, where the real problem & answer lie!

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