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A Violent Armed Robbery at Florida Nail Salon Masterminded By Suspect’s 55-year-old Mother And Getaway Driver

According to reports, a brazen plan to rob a nail salon and jewelry store in broad daylight had been planned by the suspect’s mother for over a month. The victim, Yunet Sanchez, is both the owner of Champagne Nails in Hialeah and sells jewelry out of the store. On September 16th, she was leaving with a suitcase full of gold jewelry when she was robbed.

Surveillance footage shows an individual wearing all black clothing and a face mask running up to Sanchez and attempting to grab the handle of her suitcase.

When Sanchez refused to release it, he proceeded to pistol whip her several times and reportedly fired at least one shot into the air. He then managed to steal her bag after climbing back into a white SUV before speeding off with his getaway driver.

The stolen merchandise was found to include around 1,300 pieces of jewelry valued at approximately $800,000 USD. In October 2020 Julian Flores (24) and his mother Lourdes Diaz (55) were arrested in connection with the crime – Diaz identified as being an often inquisitive customer who would look at items but never purchase them.

Additionally, Flores had posted an image on Instagram displaying himself holding a gun along with wearing a ring which had been taken during this incident.

Furthermore officers discovered that upon pulling Diaz over she possessed gold necklaces consistent with those stolen from the robbery scene.

Sanchez suffered various injuries from this attack which she shared with WTVJ-TV: “When he fired the gun I was terrified – I thought he would kill me.”

Both Flores and Diaz are being held without bond at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center where they each face one count of armed robbery with use of a dangerous weapon charge.


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