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Vivek Ramaswamy Calls Out Donna Brazile for Intentionally Mispronouncing His Name

On a recent episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ host Bill Maher accused Donna Brazile, the twice interim Chair of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), of racism.

This came after Brazile repeatedly mispronounced the name of 2024 GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy and suggested that he should “just shut the hell up and go home.”

Adam Kinzinger also added a dismissive comment about Ramaswamy in this segment discussing potential dropouts from the Republican primary.

Maher corrected Brazile on the pronunciation of Ramaswamy’s name and questioned if she would make similar comments about other ethnicities.


Although Ramaswamy clarified that his first name rhymes with ‘cake’ and is pronounced ‘Vi-vake,’ Brazile continued to mock this pronunciation even after being corrected by Maher, resulting in laughter from the audience.

Ramaswamy has questioned what the reaction would be if a white Republican had said comparable remarks to a Democratic person of color.

“I wonder what they’d do if a white Republican intentionally mispronounced Donna’s name & then told her to return ‘home,’” Ramaswamy said.

McLaughlin, Ramaswamy’s communications director and senior adviser, spoke to about the incident, calling it “reverse racism.”

She pointed out what she believes was the double standard in political discourse, suggesting that a white Republican would face more serious punishment than Brazile would receive from her peers.

“If that were a white Republican they would be fired and torn to shreds on cable TV… Donna will probably get an ‘atta boy’ from her colleagues. Gross,” said McLaughlin.

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  1. She can get all the plastic surgery possible and color her hair any color she wants, but it’s the same old smut that comes out of that woman’s mouth. She’ll never change.

  2. It has been established long ago that Donna Brazile was a liar. Why pay any attention to a word that comes out of her mouth?

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