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Watch: Bodycam video shows Seattle burglar chugging gasoline as police arrest him

In a shocking incident, Seattle police responded to a home invasion call on Friday. According to the father’s 911 call, a man carrying a wooden stick had broken into his residence while his 17-year-old daughter was present.

Upon arriving on the scene, officers were presented with an even more peculiar situation as they discovered the suspect chugging gasoline in an attempt to elude arrest.

Bodycam footage of the incident has been released by police.

Police arrived at the residence, but the front door was locked and nobody answered. According to officers on scene, the teenage girl was too afraid to answer the door.

Bodycam footage shows police forcibly entering the home after hearing banging noises coming from inside.

Officers then searched for both the girl and an alleged burglary suspect.

The suspect was found in a white SUV located in the garage, having barricaded himself inside and refusing to exit even when commanded by armed police officers.

The Seattle Police Department recently released bodycam footage that shows a suspect endangering his own life by chugging gasoline from a plastic container, with a hammer in his lap.

The incident necessitated officers to break the driver-side window of the car to prevent further danger posed by the hazardous gasoline.

While doing so, one officer is heard asking “What the…?” as the suspect was seen drinking more gas.

Officers responded to a residential burglary in King County and encountered a 40-year-old male suspect. The officers, as seen on bodycam footage, demanded the suspect drop the gas before entering the car and dragging him out.

The man was subsequently treated by paramedics and booked into a local jail, while the teen occupant of the home was found unharmed on the second floor and brought to safety.

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