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“Where Am I Going?” Joe Biden Gets Lost After Remarks at FEMA Headquarters

On Thursday, Joe Biden visited FEMA’s headquarters to offer remarks on the federal government’s relief efforts in response to Hurricane Idalia.

The Category 3 storm made landfall along Florida’s west coast before moving into Georgia and the Carolinas.

Biden encouraged those affected by the hurricane to take advantage of available resources and expressed his hope that these would aid in mitigating the destruction caused by Idalia.

“We’re not this engaged this often, but this past couple years with climate change really kicking in, you guys are going 24 hours a day!” Biden said before lashing out at ‘climate deniers.’

“There are still some deniers out there in terms of whether or not climate change had anything to do with any of this, and we’re gonna need a whole hell of a lot more money!” Biden said.

After mumbling through remarks at the FEMA headquarters, Biden got lost.

Where am I going now?” Biden mumbled.

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  1. We have failed as Americans in allowing this stupid dementia idiot to play POTUS and ruin this country for the future of our children living in a Free Republic. We ignore daily the blatant takeover of all of our lives. We constantly ignore our communist fed “educational” system that cares more about making boys girls and girls boys over actual academic accomplishments. We have failed and with the Banana Republic we have now turned into with this arrest of our 45th President for a total bullshit political opponent hit job, we are PATHTIC as a supposed patriotic society. I’m all for a Civil dust-up because that is the ONLY way to rid ourselves of this socialist-communist cancer that has taken over all of our lives!!!!

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