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Where Are the Subpoenas?: Kash Patel Calls on the House to Subpoena Bragg and His Hench People

Kash Patel joined Steve Bannon on “The War Room.” He was worked up over the arraignment of President Trump. He wants the House to subpoena Bragg and his associates. He reminded the GOP what the Democrats did with the J6 Committee.

On Tuesday DA Alvin Bragg charged President Trump with 34 felonies, most of which he claims was about false ledger entries.  That is pure BS because no CEU of a billion-dollar company makes ledger entries or cuts checks.

The main charge is the payoff to Stormy Daniels which is perfectly legal since he paid the money himself. Bragg later admitted he did not identify a crime in his indictment of the former president. The charges were extremely weak and may not survive the defense’s request for a dismissal.

From The Gateway Pundit

Bragg’s charges against President Trump were shockingly weak – even several fake news outlets admitted it.

On Wednesday Kash Patel called on GOP lawmakers to immediately issue subpoenas on Bragg and his cronies.

Kash reminded the War Room audience of how Democrats used January 6 Unselect Committee to harass and abuse Trump administration officials and lie to the American public for several months after the government-infiltrated and organized protests on Capitol Hill.

Kash Patel: I’m glad Donald Trump is capitalizing on the thing that strikes at the heart of Americans, and that is a two-tier system of justice. I’m sorry that Donald Trump has to be the figure to go through this, but he’s the only one that can lead us through it and defeat it. We saw it in Russiagate. We saw it in the Ukraine impeachment and impeachment two. We saw it on January 6th. We’re seeing in the classified documents case, and now we are seeing at the state court level in New York City, the capital of the world. And the only way to educate the world on this is to have a warrior like Donald Trump lead the charge on a two-tier system of justice. And that’s what Alvin Bragg has corruptly, put front and center for all to see… I don’t want this case to end tomorrow. I don’t want it to end next week. I want Donald Trump and company to bleed Alvin Bragg dry over the next two years of discovery so we can educate the American public on the fraud and corruption that is the New York State judicial system and the DOJ and FBI that helped fund this prosecution.

I want every member of Congress, like I called on last night. Where are the subpoenas? Alvin Bragg has already said he used federal funds to investigate and prosecute Donald Trump in a state court. Why hasn’t the Judiciary Committee and Oversight Committees issued subpoena after subpoena? Do they forget what the January 6 Committee did to us? There is a two-tier system of justice, not just in the executive and judicial branches, but in the legislative branches. And I’m calling on Congress to act and put the documents out with the receipts, as Steve Bannon always says, so the American people can read them. It is not a right-wing conspiracy. The two tier system of justice is here, and we have to destroy it.




18 Responses

    1. I can’t believe how dumb this guy is. Harvard law school should be embarrassed. Product of affirmative action on display.

    2. Well, 1 of them; he didn’t come up with this all on his own, I’m pretty sure… the WH, & leftist members of Congress, the FBI, DoJ, & possibly other agents of the Left were surely involved too…

  1. It’s becoming exceedingly difficult in today’s America with all the poisoned institutions now in play to learn and determine what is true. It’s not just the corrupt democratic politicians, but the justice system, news media, corrupt big tech, and worst of all our corrupt college education system. May God intervene and save us before we self destruct and destroy the once greatest nation on earth.

  2. Typical, the R’s will do NOTHING but piss and moan about Fat Al but let him get away with violating the Constitution with no accountability. Curl up into a fetal position or, as the great Rush used to say, bend over and grab your ankles.

  3. PLEASE hang Soros, Alvin Bragg, Kim Fox, and every other Soros-backed AG. They have all destroyed our cities by allowing criminals to run free while targeting good, law-abiding citizens. They won’t ever do it again – I PROMISE!

  4. The Democrat party under present leadership hasn’t any morals!. There whole White House team is like crunchy granola what isn’t fruits and nuts are flakes!, Joe Biden is not running the show. Obsama is! I know we have a law against 3rd term presidents but that doesn’t seem to bother the democrats with Obama pulling the strings! The Democrat party of JFK has been hijacked by ultra far left!

  5. This is a sham trial . I hope Bragg and Soros are sued for every nickle they have! The Democrats are wasting a ton of taxpayer dollars which will get them nothing. The taxpayers of NEW York state ought to be raising particular hell!

  6. remove and exile these donkey holes because it is a fact that all democrats are commie marxist fascist racist pedophile liars destroying America for the money they get from china.

  7. Nothing will be done. The R’s will piss and moan but fat AL will do as he’s ordered and not be hindered, especially by the R’s. Curl up into the fetal position or as the great Rush would say, bend over and grab your ankles

  8. What do expect from the state of New York and the Democrats. Don’t prosecute criminals don’t charge governor who got alot of elderly people dead when he sent them back to the elderly homes that they lived in. It’s just like the Democrats and globalist George Soros and the Clinton’s. Not any of them even got charged why doesn’t anyone of all these stupid voted for us happening to this country. When people start to defend what little they own by shooting the criminals I just guess that they are all stupid and I feel for all the honest and good people in this country

  9. I am truly happy an intelligent person like Kash Patel is taking up the matter of the corruption against President Trump. KASH please see this matter through, you know who the RINOS are so stand strong with President Trump. My prayers that you’ll succeed in MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN.

  10. You know that they’re lying as their lips are moving. No faith in any politician now. They make the laws and know how to break them. If any citizen did what they’ve done. Wed be in jail until the concrete walls crumble down. No faith in them at all. Sieg heil.

  11. All I can see is desperation on the Democrats to keep Trump out of any position that he can change their direction to take this country down. If Trump gets in again, there will be massive cleansing done at the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and even some of the military leadership to put us back on track. Established laws will be reinforced with action against those who commit crime, arson, assault, and states that have fostered and promoted illegal immigration will have federal funding cut. The Wall on the Southern border will be finished and guarded. More INS people will be hired than IRS people. Our energy independence will start again, gas prices, food prices, and other prices will come down. We can back away from the threshold of WWIII and trading nukes with Russia and possibly China. We can reestablish a relationship with the rest of the world where we win again rather than be laughed at for the Clown we have in place now.

  12. Why aren’t they prosecuting SORO’S? For the damage he has done to America? Drag him into the light and make him tell America why he has supported his crime wave against America! And just maybe take is right away to be in America! And do it to his son as well.

  13. His looking to become president, if he thinks he can bring Trump down he will be the hero of the left and the facsist democrats and of coarse being the hero he will run for president, and of coarse SORO’s will be backing him all the way to the WH.

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