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Whistleblower Confirms: Bank of America Worked With Feds To Target Gun Owners

Bank of America (BOA) voluntarily worked with the FBI to investigate customers who made purchases with BOA credit and debit cards on and around Jan. 6. The FBI used this information to make arrests. I wonder how many people will dump their BOA accounts once they find out. Woke companies need to go broke for the good of the country. I have to wonder if this is even legal without a subpoena.

The whistleblower, George Hill, a retired FBI supervisory intelligence analyst, testified to the House Judiciary Committee In February that BOA had a complete list of their customers who made purchases around J6 and they handed it over to the FBI Washington Field Office (WFO). These transactions took place in D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area between Jan. 5 and Jan. 7. You have to wonder how many people the FBI rousted that never went near the Capitol. If I was one of those people I would be consulting my lawyer about possible action against Bank of America. I would definitely close all of my accounts with them.

And what about people who bought guns during that period, but never went near Washington, because that list from BOA was distributed by the FBI all across the country, and the FBI prioritized gun purchases. How many people will this affect?

Hill testified:

“The Bank of America, with no directive from the FBI, data mined its customer base. And they data mined a date range of 5 to 7 January of any BOA customer who used a BOA product. And by ‘BOA product’ I mean a debit card or a credit card. They compiled that list. And then, on the top of that list, they put anyone who had purchased a firearm during any date.”

From The Daily Caller

Hill also alleged that agents in the Boston Field Office (BFO) were pressured by the WFO to open investigations into 140 people who had taken a bus ride to the Jan. 6 rally, according to Just the News. The agents refused to cooperate because there was no evidence of any criminal action.

Connections between the FBI and BOA were first alleged after Fox News host Tucker Carlson uncovered evidence that BOA was turning over personal information in February 2021. Carlson reported that BOA identified 211 people and turned that information over to investigators without the consent of the account holders.

“We don’t comment on our communications with law enforcement. All banks have responsibilities under federal law to cooperate with law enforcement inquiries in full compliance with the law,” BOA told Carlson at the time.

“That’s just not a good reason to hand over private information. If that’s the way they do business now, then the people of this country really have something to worry about,” Bernard Kerik, a security consultant who headed the NYPD in 2000 and 2001, said in an interview with The New York Post.

Hill further testified that, to his knowledge, “using a debit card or a credit card in the District does not provide adequate predication for the investigation of a crime. So there was no legal process either asking for it or  you know, from the Bureau or from DOJ or anybody.”

Any BOA customer who had ever bought a gun was pushed to the top of the list of people who were being investigated, according to Hill.

“You could live you could be a resident of Iowa, be a BOA customer, purchased a shotgun in 1999, go to the District, use your credit card to pay for a hotel on January 5th and check out. You’re going to rise to the top of that list” he said.

BOA and the FBI did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.





2 Responses

  1. Why would anyone do business with a bank that has a history of ratting its customers out to the FBI. Quite certain they would have no compunction to call the IRS to rat out the $150 deposit from your neighbor for the used lawnmower you sold him. Do not do business with large banks.

  2. Think about this. Given that BOA illegally gave the FBI data that had not been ordered by a Judge or Court based on Credit Card purchases, what will the proposed withdraw of cash from our economy and being put on an EFT card do? It will track every purchase you make, be it Guns, Ammo, Food, Cars, Gold, or even toilet paper. Is that not blatant over reach by the Government? Is it not the first steps in being able to control how much buying power you have or freedom to purchase what you want, when you want, how you want, and for what you want? Our government is stepping way outside the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We fought wars to protect the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We have the Magna Carta which outlines our form of Government. We have dumped tea into Boston Harbor to protest limitations and taxation, we fought the Revolutionary War to get out from under the oppressiveness of the King of England. Why is Congress taking those rights away from us illegally I might add? Don’t do anything and the government’s next step will be to regulate how much money it will allow you to have, where you spend it, and what on. Is that freedom? Is that what America is all about?

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