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Why Are They Trying To Provoke A Nuclear War With Russia?

The war in Ukraine has been waging for years now with no end in sight. Even though the conflict is not front-page news anymore, it’s still an issue that should be concerning us all.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his generals are desperate to draw the U.S. and other NATO powers directly into the conflict, as their current situation looks grim – losing troops at a staggering pace while Bakhmut is now under Russian control.

Some hype has been circulating about a “counter-offensive” being planned by the Ukrainians, but instead of trying to retake Bakhmut or any other captured areas they are focusing their attacks on Russia itself.

Long-range drones have been hitting targets very deep inside Russia, including the Kremlin at one point, and Ukrainian artillery has been relentlessly pounding Russian territory with devastating results – especially in Belgorod where two people were killed from shelling just one night prior.

This strategy won’t help them regain lost territory but will put pressure on Russian leaders who would feel exactly how we would if our own U.S. territory was being shelled – calling for nuclear retaliation against whoever was responsible immediately.

What makes matters even worse is that small “militia groups” have begun crossing the Russian border to conduct attacks on nearby cities, upending many lives of residents in those regions much like what already happened long ago on the Ukrainian side of the border during this warzone crisis.

It turns out that these militia groups have been using equipment provided by both the United States and Poland which begs questions about how such materiel could be secured when it can easily fall into hostile hands so close to home turf for us Westerners involved in this process.

Polish fighters have also reportedly participated in some of these raids within Russia confirming earlier reports that some enemies had communicated in Polish during one raid – further entangling our own nations within this mess due to direct involvement from multiple sides across continents and cultural divides.

Things continue to heat up between China too as a Chinese warship almost collided with an American warship near Taiwan Strait recently, leading to some fear towards an all-out world war escalation involving superpowers like China, USA, Russia etc.

But most people remain apathetic towards such matters due to their faith placed in incompetent leaders who only ever seem determined enough to make things worse than better despite their lofty words.

We must remain vigilant against such developments otherwise we risk getting caught up in something far bigger than ourselves – a catastrophic event that could bring forth untold amounts of destruction never seen before since World War II.




4 Responses

  1. Two people were killed, that was not much of a artillery barrage, I think the whole thing in Ukraine is bull crap. Why isn’t the UN stopping this. They are like the Legue of Nations were, gutless.

  2. Hidein’, Bribin’, Biden does not know what the heck he is doing!!! Yes, he MAY start a nuclear war, but NO he does nto WANT to. He just does not know what the heck he is doing!!!

  3. I would ask you Mr. Stucci, what do you believe is Russia’s ultimate aim regarding Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Romania, Bulgaria, SE Greece, NW Turkey, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and NE Poland?

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