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Why Do Democrats Fight so Hard to Keep Pornography in School Libraries?

Everyone is arguing whether pornography belongs in school libraries, but no one is asking why Democrats make this a major issue for them. I say why not? They have already aligned themselves with pedophiles and groomers, and they are just trying to win favor with a key demographic. The problem for them is that parents woke up one day and realized the kind of smut that was available to their children and they went into protective mode.

School boards were bringing police to arrest a man complaining because his daughter was raped by a boy in a skirt. Merrick Garland tried to label parents as domestic terrorists. Talking heads were appearing on CNN and MSNBC, complaining that parents have no right to decide what is decent for their kids to read.

The Great Schools Initiative notes on its website:

“It is a violation of privacy and a safety issue when teachers, counselors, or administrators have conversations or solicit private information from children through polls, quizzes, and other communications about human sexuality. State law requires that these practices are contained for sex-ed classes only. This would include promotion of any and all sexual ideologies. Students’ private information is protected by both state law and FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act). These laws keep all students safe. No student should be “outed” in school.”


The American Library Association is disturbed by the growing number of attempts to “ban or restrict library resources in schools” across the nation. In the first eight months of 2022, these attempts exceeded the record set in 2021.

Parents are now becoming aware of the need for “book review committees” with parental participation on them to screen the inappropriate materials flooding into school libraries in the US. Recently, in New Hanover County Schools in Wilmington, NC, conservative school board members have been pushing for this. Liberal board members are opposing them with the argument that it would “violate the right of parents to decide what their students should be allowed to read” and it would just add “another layer of government,” and the public has made it clear they do not want more government control.

Are you comfortable with kids and teens being exposed to this kind of graphic portrayal of sex and violence? It’s pretty rich that the extreme left regressives (let’s stop using the term “progressive” with these folks) keep screaming “first amendment rights” to justify peddling porn and sexual garbage to school kids. Yes, the promoters of cancel culture and social media censorship for conservatives now want unrestrained speech in the form of inappropriate literature, sexual ideologies, and portrayals of violence.

It is no surprise that inappropriate sexual material becomes the norm and the teaching standard in schools when leftists/liberals predominate on SEABs and local school boards. Fairfax County, Virginia, has one of the largest and richest school districts in the nation. Twenty years ago, they started promoting “Heather Has Two Mommies” to little kids. In recent years, the sexual revolution has gone into hyper speed, with oral and anal sex being introduced to middle school kids in Fairfax County. Terminology such as “sex assigned at birth” was incorporated into the K-12 sex ed curriculum.

What do all dictators have in common? They take all the guns that people own, ban religion, and they try to separate children from their families. Does this sound familiar to you?





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  1. To keep chaos stirred up as a deflection. Those that do t his need jailed for criminal behavior.

  2. What a great question to ask democrats. “Why does your party fight so hard to keep pornography in school libraries”?

  3. These demo Rats are disgusting and disgraceful animals they should ALL LEAVE our Country… they should ALL go to H LL…. I am over 70 plus and never in life have heard or seen such EVIL !!!!!

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