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Wild Brawl Breaks Out In Upscale Las Vegas Hotel

Over the weekend, a shocking and chaotic scene unfolded at one of Sin City’s most popular hotels. Footage obtained by The Daily Mail reveals an intense physical altercation involving at least four women in skimpy apparel on the casino floor of Las Vegas’ Encore at Wynn venue.

As bystanders looked on in horror, these deranged individuals engaged in slapping, clawing and attempting to beat each other senseless right there in public view.

The video begins with one woman pinning another female against the casino’s red carpet while her buttocks are completely exposed.

This is followed by frenzied movements as both parties frantically attempt to gain control of their opponent. With Hollywood writers currently on strike, this incident unfortunately provides yet another example of how debased our culture has become.

As the fight intensifies, it becomes clear that these women are willing to do whatever it takes to overpower their adversary even though none of them wear any shoes or jewelry indicating they may have been involved in some kind of disagreement earlier that night before ultimately winding up on the gaming floor where the fight broke out.

While no weapons were used during this violent altercation, onlookers did report hearing loud yelling throughout which only served to add more fuel to the already dangerous situation.

Unfortunately for everyone present, security personnel were slow to arrive meaning nothing was done until after all four women had finished fighting and disappeared into thin air leaving behind only a mess for hotel staff members to clean up afterwards.

It is highly likely that TV executives will soon be scoping out these same ladies with hopes of casting them into yet another reality TV show that will require little effort from writers due solely to its lackadaisical content which won’t be taken seriously by anyone anyway so why bother?

This incident serves as a stark reminder for us all regarding just how important it is that we remain vigilant when it comes protecting ourselves from these kinds of experiences going forward especially within such a high-profile setting like Las Vegas’ Encore at Wynn venue where anything can happen—and often does!




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  1. Pagan, heathen, low-life scum! This is the devolution of a once great world leader republic of the free world!

    Looks like George Soros and Barry Obama implementing of the “foreign invasion of Illegal Aliens” from violent, derelict and devastated Third World collapsing “hell-holes” is panning out as planned!

    We can be sure Klaus Schwab is thrilled as the push toward Totalitarianism and the globalist agenda of; “you will own nothing and be happy,” is on the horizon even in America!

  2. Good PR for the Wynn alas
    Odd not the cheaper casinoes down the Strip
    IE Luxor, Circus Circus, Mandalaybay etc

  3. Pigs with no class.
    Close the border, impeach Hussein, er, Biden, arrest all the DemocraCommies for invading the Ukraine.
    No 4th term for the African born, anti-American thransgender defender and his boyfriend.

  4. Disgusting throw them out banned from any decent hotel motels freaking animals can stay in the alley act like animals you don’t belong where other people go with their children disgusting animals

  5. “As bystanders looked on at the whores, these deranged individuals engaged in slapping, clawing and attempting to beat each other senseless right there in public view.”


    The Housewives of Beverly Hills have made this trailer park action popular.

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