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Wisconsin Cyber Security Expert Shocks Audience – Admits Wisconsin’s Voting Machines Can Be Hacked

The Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff were participating in a minimally publicized “Trusted Election Forum” just before the crucial Supreme Court election in Wisconsin.

SCANDAL IN WISCONSIN: Democrat SCOTUS Nominee Janet Protasiewicz Used the N-Word When Referring to Blacks in Court Cases

From The Gateway Pundit

The Supreme Court Race will determine the control of the Court that currently consists of 3 constitutional conservatives, 3 radical liberal progressives and one swing vote that rules with the conservatives the majority of the time.
With constitutional conservative Justice Roggensack retiring, it is critical that this open seat be filled with another constitutional conservative in the form of Justice Dan Kelly (2016-20) who is running an excellent campaign under very trying circumstances as the Big Tech Billionaires and their friends are funneling millions of dollars into the race to further their efforts of the “great reset” for America by hopefully winning this key race.
Radical liberal progressive candidate, No Jailtime Janet Protasiewicz, continues her attack on shredding the constitution and judicial ethical standards by promising to legislate from the bench, if by a miracle she is elected to the Supreme Court in Wisconsin, that will automatically unwind many of the highly successful legislative reforms passed in Wisconsin since 2010.
The Wisconsin Election Commission and Staff rarely, if ever, make public appearances unless the event is highly controlled and scripted by limiting their exposure to the public.
The administration of Wisconsin elections has come under very heavy scrutiny since 2020 when the Presidential election was supposedly decided by 20,682 votes with a middle of the night voter dump.  The Gateway Pundit has disclosed many of those highly questionable aspects of that election.

Fun Fraud Fact: Wisconsin Added 29% of Their ENTIRE VOTING POPULATION to Voter Rolls in 10 Months Prior to 2020 Election — 957,977 New Names!

This week at two “Trusted Election Forums” after assuring Wisconsin voters for over two years how safe and secure elections were administered. It was a huge surprise when  Dave Schroeder appeared before the attendees and gave his expert opinion on the voting machines in Wisconsin and how easily they can be hacked into, even by foreign governments. Schroeder’s background involves Wisconsin Army National Guard Cyber Warfare and an Information Warfare Officer with the Navy for Cryptologic Warfare and Space Cadre.

The fact that Wisconsin’s elections can be rigged by connecting them to the internet has long been considered a distinct possibility. Just look at the 2020 election. Trump had a good-sized lead on election night and then out of nowhere came a huge vote drop and Trump lost by 20,000 voters. States need to tighten their election laws and prosecute state officials that ignore the law. I have no faith in elections in the swing states. Do you?




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  1. I have been in the communications industry, for a long time and if they were capable of hacking into the voting equipment, 17 years ago they still can. The people today are lazy and don’t want to work, for a living, they want it placed in front of them, on a silver platter. They are waiting for their relatives, who worked hard all their lives, to pass away and retrieve their wealth. Not a bad idea, the only problem is, that it cost more money, than the retired persons wealth. The costs are going skyward, mostly due to corrupt government officials. We elect these officials but when it is done unlawfully, it hurts the whole country. This is what is happening in our country, right now. We have to start raising our children like our parents and grandparents did, without the cost being supported by the federal government. We need it to go back to the state level at the very minimum. I personally think it should be at the county level. That way we can make the people responsible for our children’s education at a very local arena, not a national one. Pay the teachers for what they preform, not for lies we never agreed to, in the first place. It all comes down to freedoms we are unwilling to let go of, like our parents and grandparents and before them.

  2. ALL election machines can be hacked. If the machine is CAPABLE of connecting to the internet, hacking doesn’t require physical access to the machine.

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