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Wisconsin Senate Passes a Bill to Take 3.8 Million Inactive Voters Off the Rolls

There are over seven million people on the voting rolls in Wisconsin. That is odd since the entire state of Wisconsin has just 5.9 million people and of course, there are many who cannot vote because they are seventeen or younger. They have 3.5 million eligible voters and they claim that 3.3 million voted to make it 94% of eligible voters who voted. I find that nearly impossible, but they can always manufacture votes when they don’t deliver the votes until days after the election.

France has all paper ballots and they have the results the same night the election is held. Why can’t our states do the same? And you may have noticed that when a state takes a week to get their results, it always favors the Democrats.

From The Gateway Pundit

Wisconsin is one of many states that has come under severe scrutiny since the 2020 Presidential Election when it was discovered that too many unapproved individuals were accessing Wis Vote with nefarious intent to possibly affect the outcome of an election.
With all precincts reporting and President Trump comfortably ahead by some 30,000 votes at midnight on November 3rd, at 3:26 A.M. on November 4th, a missing flash drive, containing some 170,000 absentee ballots, was retrieved by the City of Milwaukee Elections Director from Central Count and 18 minutes later, President supposedly lost the election by 20,682 votes (click here – Milwaukee Election Flash Drive Was Briefly Lost, Sources Say. (
This new legislation is critical for the following reasons:

States are supposed to update their voter registration, but they use ERIC which opposes doing that because it would drastically cut down the odds of Democrats winning elections. But several states have now dropped ERIC like a bad habit. Hopefully, they can be starved out of existence.

The passage of the bill will not eliminate a single ineligible voter because Gov Tony Evers has already said he would veto the bill even if the legislature approves it. Democrats oppose a fair and honest election.




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