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WITNESS SHOCKS DC COURT: ‘I Witnessed the Murder of Rosanne Boyland’

The January 6th trial in DC has been recessed for the next three weeks after a defense witness, Tommy Tatum, made shocking claims that nearly derailed the proceedings.

Tatum repeatedly testified that he witnessed the murder of Rosanne Boyland by Officer Lila Morris, which stunned members of the gallery. However, Chief District Judge James Boasberg expressed his discontent with Tatum’s repeated statements, stating that he would not indulge in this make-believe.

Tatum was known to have been present at the Capitol on January 6th and was counseled by a public defender at the suggestion of the Court. The public defender advised Tatum that he would be waiving his 5th Amendment rights if he chose to testify, but Tatum proceeded anyway. US Attorneys then proceeded to grill Tatum over what some believe to be incendiary behavior on the lower west terrace that day.

During the trial, Tatum was heard saying to police in his own video, “Hey, tough guy, take their helmets!” The prosecution asked Tatum if it was his voice in the video, and Tatum admitted it was. This prompted Judge Boasberg to inquire about claims that he was there as a member of the press.

The prosecution went on to cross-examine Tatum about his views on whether the 2020 election was stolen, implying that he was there to stop the process of certification, presumably laying the groundwork for a future 1512 felony obstruction charge.

Interestingly, courtroom observer Mel Hawley reports that what appeared to be five FBI agents entered the courtroom just before Tatum testified, ominously lurking throughout his testimony, only leaving after he was dismissed.

Pro se Defendant Brian Mock then took to the stand, eager to speak in his own defense. Mock testified to his state-of-mind that day, his mostly moderate political leanings, and negative personal experiences during the 2020 George Floyd riots in his home state of Minnesota. Mock further described the circumstances surrounding each of his 4 alleged assaults on law enforcement, one of which was reduced to not include a dangerous weapon by Judge Boasberg the previous day.

Upon realizing that Mock was nowhere near finished with his testimony, Judge Boasberg declared a recess. After consulting with prosecutors and defendant Brian Mock, proceedings were scheduled to resume on July 11th.

In a post-proceeding statement to Mel Hawley, Mock said, “After over two years of this ordeal, I am happy to be able to finally state the truth about what happened on Jan 6 for the record.”




14 Responses

  1. Nothing new. A commie judge from DC not liking what he heard. All of this trash needs to be shut down. We don’t need their ignorant “opinions”.

  2. We live in a Horribly Corrupt and Sinful World that is “marching straight on to Armageddon and the Second Coming!”
    Biden is America’s own “Symbolic Man of Perdition” who is riddled with “Sin and Evil!”
    That fact alone should make it perfectly clear how close to the “Precipice” the world is now!

  3. Simply put, “We have already lost the nation, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The 1% have taken over and known as the tail will continue to wag the dog until it is cut off.

    1. The idea of a revolution against our left-leaning government is indeed saddening. Such a move would result in a massive number of deaths.

      BUT how else can we restore this once great nation to a democratic (VERY small d) REPUBLIC with an exegetically interpreted Constitution and a free-market capitalist economy under true Contract Law?

      You’re so right. Thanks for your comment.

      1. UNTIL WE HOLD THE MSM accountable, that will be the only solution. YOU can see here(my text has to be approved). CANCEL CULTURE AT IT’S FINEST.

    2. Only ONE WAY NOW TO STOP THE LEFTIST COMMUNIST/MARXIST TAKEOVER> A massive civil war II! AS the adage goes, “Some blood must be shed from the tree of liberty from time to time!”

  4. When facts in evidence prove that everything done on Jan5 and Jan ^ has been fully investigated, which proves this persons statement mute in every way possible.

  5. Machiavellenism is Alive and Well . Thanks kool-aide drunk commie democrats for all of your ignorance , your hate , bigotry , and treasonous lives.

  6. It did happen, it’s very clear on video that’s all over the internet. Cops refused to help her, refused to let anybody else help her. She died because she was beat in the head by this cop. The dems will promote and accept any lie, but them the truth is like throwing Holy Water on a demon.

  7. Strange how our Court system has become deaf to the facts/truths that are being displayed daily. Ever since the 2020 election, the Courts appear to ignore and avoid at all cost any suits or trails to hear the evidence available. The excuses tend to be “no standing” and/or “it wouldn’t effect the election results”. Because some elections are won or lost by a few votes, how can our legal system just walk away from the facts??????

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