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Women in Prison are Terrorized By Supposed Trans Women

Female inmates from the Washington State Corrections Center for Women claim that men pretend they are trans women in order to be placed in a women’s prison where they are a danger to the real women residing there. Not only that, but the women are upset because these men get preferential treatment the women do not. The women say they have to go to unusual steps to make sure they do not get a man for a cellmate.

According to the Daily Wire, investigative reporter James O’Keefe released a video where he allegedly interviewed two women from prison. The women claim that male rapists and murderers claim to be women in order to get into prison with so many captive women. This puts them in physical and mental peril. A woman could be repeatedly raped because she is too frightened to talk.     Democrats love to talk about the rights of fake women, but ignore the danger to real women. Something is very wrong with the system.

The first woman claimed:

“So, we have men rapists, men murderers, child rapists, men who have killed women and are in prison for raping and killing women who get put in our rooms.”

“Imagine coming into your room one day and you’re in closed custody and you turn around and there is a man standing there peeing in the toilet because you have the bathroom in your [closed custody unity]. There is nothing you can do.”

“Some of these men are not confused; they’re just manipulating the system. It’s not equal, because we don’t get the same care and treatment that the trans get in here.”

From The Blaze

In December 2022, a man who sexually assaulted a 13-year-old girl was reportedly transferred to the same women’s prison facility after “sometimes” identifying as transgender. The man claimed he feared “male aggression” at another prison and therefore was moved into the WCCW.

“They cater to the trans community,” the unidentified inmate said. “All you have to do is say that you are a woman, that you now, when you’re in county, say that you identify as a woman, and you can come straight to here from county. The guys don’t even have to go to the men’s prison first,” she explained.

The female added that the women are reprimanded if they refuse to be housed with a man, and the only way to leave the confinement is to be placed on suicide watch.

“There’s nothing you can do but say you’re going to kill yourself and then go down to the crazy unit to get out of that room,” she said. “If you refuse to go back in there, you get a major, you get in trouble.”

A second female inmate told reporters that she has allegedly heard men in the prison discuss intentionally getting a woman pregnant in order to file a lawsuit.

“I’ve heard some of these men talk about how they would want to get a girl pregnant so that the girl could form a lawsuit against WCCW and say that he raped her and he’s willing to go along with it. He’s pretty much the mastermind behind his own scandal.”

The inmate said that they refer to it as a “‘million dollar baby’ play.”





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  1. Why in hell do we cater to delusional, sick individuals. This whole trans thing is causing SOOO many problems. As far as I am concerned prison is the least of them, however if they want to be a women,….let them be the bitch in a male prison.

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