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Yemen Officially Declares War on Israel, Launches Ballistic and Drone Strikes

The Yemeni Armed Forces have declared war on Israel, with Brigadier General Yahya Saree, spokesperson for the Houthi rebels in Yemen, announcing that they have launched military strikes against Israeli targets in the “occupied territories”.

In response to these missile strikes, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) have been placed on high alert and reported successfully intercepting a surface-to-surface missile near the Red Sea.

This development has concerning implications and both countries are preparing for further action.

“The [Israeli Air Force] intercepted a surface-to-surface missile in the area of the Red Sea. This is the first operational interception by the Arrow Aerial Defense System since the beginning of the war. An additional aerial threat was successfully intercepted by IAF fighter jets in the area this morning. No infiltrations into Israeli territory were identified.”

The Yemeni Armed Forces have claimed responsibility for the recent missile and drone attacks on targets in Israel, as well as issuing a warning that similar assaults may continue.

This follows reports of an earlier missile launch aimed at Israel by Iranian-backed Houthis, which was intercepted by the US military approximately ten days prior.

“With the help of God Almighty, our [Yemeni] armed forces launched a large number of ballistic and winged missiles, as well as drones at various targets of the #Israeli enemy in the occupied territories,” said Saree during the televised announcement.

The Yemeni Armed Forces are committed to maintaining the security and stability of the nation.

Below is the statement from the Yemeni Armed Forces:

The Yemeni Armed Forces confirm that this is the third operation in support of our oppressed brothers in Palestine, and that the Armed Forces will continue to carry out more qualitative missile and drone attacks until Israel ceases its aggression.

We affirm that our Yemeni people’s attitude on the Palestinian issue is firm and ethical, and that the Palestinian people have the full right to self-defense and legitimate rights.

The Zionist enemy entity’s ongoing execution of crimes and killings against the people of Gaza Strip and all of occupied Palestine destabilizes the region and extends the circle of conflict.

“The victory comes only from Allah.”

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  1. I guess the Yumpin’ Yeminis are hot to join Israel’s ancient, and modern enemies in the SAND.

  2. these ‘Yemen’ morons obviously have NO idea of what the GOD of Israel has historically done to their oppressors, well, they’ll soon find out. Ya can’t fix stupid.

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