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Yet Another Video Surfaces, Making Ilhan Omar’s Real Allegiance Even Clearer

Ilhan Omar recently raised some eyebrows even more than she usually does. That is when she gave a speech to Somalis where she identified with them and Muslims with no mention of the United States. She gave the definite impression that her loyalties rested with Somalia nd not the United States. The Democrats were quick to come to her defense because their loyalties are not with the United States either.

But, now a new video has emerged that will make it even more impossible to spin the implications away. Dr. Salman Caaro has the goods on Omar this time, and it’s understandable that he would have an axe to grind against her. Caaro describes himself on his X page as a “Journalist | Doctor | Father | PhD in psychology and a proud Somalilander American.” Somaliland is a province of Somalia that has declared it’s independence from Somalia. Omar swears Somalia will win back that territory.

Caaro has found footage of Omar from 2022, once again speaking in Somali to a Somali audience. It will be impossible to say that the translation is at fault since Caaro is a Somalilander who speaks Somali. She begins by saying: “We must fix our roads.” Nothing wrong with that, except that she isn’t talking about the roads in her congressional district. She is talking about roads in Somalia.

Omar continues:

I am an American migrant in the U.S. Congress. But I am a Somali girl, a girl with your lineage, a girl with your language, a girl with your religion, that was a young child taken from her country, that misses her country and wishes to live there, and share with its people. I am hopeful in the future that me and my children will be able to raise our kids in this land, where I was born and raised. To make that possible, there is a lot that we need to work on together to make our land a more stable and prosperous place. That is felt by all.

I think we should start a page to raise funds for Omar and her children to go to Somalia and live forever. What say you>

From PJ Media

If this translation is accurate, and there is no reason to believe that it isn’t since Caaro knows his own native language, Omar is envisioning returning to Somalia with her children and staying, as she says that both she and her children will raise their children there. 

So Ilhan Omar is thinking about growing old and playing with her grandchildren in a cozy compound in Mogadishu, but she doesn’t say anything about her current husband, Tim Mynett, to whose political consulting firm Omar paid nearly $2,800,000 (remember, the rules only apply to “MAGA Republicans” and “right-wing extremists,” not to privileged members of the leftist elite). 

Mynett reportedly converted to Islam in order to become the lovely congresswoman’s third husband (her brother was her second), but living out his days in sunny Mogadishu, where the jihad terror group al-Shabaab frequently blows up hotels and cafes in its ongoing efforts to undermine and ultimately replace the central government, was unlikely to have been part of the prenuptial agreement. 

So will Omar, her subversive and anti-American work done in Washington, bid adieu to Mynett along with the Beltway when she returns to the land she loves? If we had any journalists, one of them might ask her such a question, but we don’t.

In any case, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) on Thursday introduced a censure resolution against Omar for her admission in the first video that her primary loyalty was to Somalia. Now, in light of this new video, Greene, or someone else, needs to introduce another resolution: one to expel Omar from Congress. She has now made it absolutely undeniable that she has no allegiance to the United States, and that she considers Somalia to be her country.





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  2. And pour PIGS BLOOD on that NASTY BITCH and send her UGLY ASS back to her SHITHOLE country!!!!!

  3. Maybe the time is now for her to go back to Somalia. Run her out of congress. Stop the Somalian from taking another dime of American taxpayers money. Deport her for her loyalities to another country. Get her done! Come on Republians show a little courage.

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