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‘You Think I Care If My Nurse Is Unvaxxed?!’: FNC Mocks Hochul For Health Worker Vax Mandate

This week, FNC’s “The Five” co-hosts put the spotlight on New York Governor Kathy Hochul, who is upholding her vaccine mandate for healthcare workers and refusing to rehire unvaccinated workers despite an ongoing staff shortage.

“Liberals are refusing to back off their vaccine mandates, even months after Biden said the pandemic is over,” co-host Jeanine Pirro began, slamming the governor for continuing the charade “even as the state suffers from severe staffing shortages.”

Pirro then asked co-host Jesse Watters what his opinion was on Hochul’s refusal to “investigate or even inquire into the deaths of those in nursing homes who were forced to be with people we already knew had the Covid virus.”

“She doesn’t know that vaxxed and unvaxxed can still transmit the virus?” Watters replied. “She doesn’t know that, and she’s the governor? I mean, what an idiot. Let’s say I go into the ER with a gunshot wound, and I’m bleeding out, you think I care if the nurse is unvaxxed?”

“I think bullets are more danger than the ‘rona virus,” he continued. If Hochul actually wanted to keep people out of harm’s way, she should “get rid of bail reform–we’re [more] afraid of people getting shot than we’re afraid of Covid at this point.”

This was in response to Hochul’s claims that she “cannot put people into harm’s way, because when you go into a healthcare facility, you expect that you’re not going to come out sicker than you went in.”

“The worker shortage is 9,300 in New York,” Pirro noted, “the number of workers she laid off was 10,000. She could solve this by simply rehiring those people back. They’re qualified, they’ve done the job, they’ve done the job during the worst of it.”

“I feel bad for all the healthcare workers, except for the ones who voted for Hochul,” co-host Greg Gutfeld chimed in. “Then it’s, like, eh, you made your bed. I don’t know how many of them. I would assume a lot of them are Democrat. Am I wrong? Can you look that up?”

“That’s a suicide pact. That’s a suicide pact!” Watters exclaimed.

Hochul has “achieved something no person ever thought possible in the history of the world – making you wish for the days of Andrew Cuomo,” Gutfeld joked. “She is worse. At least he was somewhat competent.”





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  1. I didn’t expect the NESTLE’S Quick Rabbit to quit her job , & become the Gov of NY… Hey you never know… @ the sign post up ahead …” The TWILIGHT ZONE”. Absolute , ” CLUELESS “… so-called human being… from the Planet Bidenium.. MAY GOD HELP US(A).

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