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YouTuber’s Documenting SF Drug Crisis Save The Life Of Overdosing Woman

A group of YouTubers reportedly saved the life of a woman who had overdosed on fentanyl in San Francisco after a resident asked the men if they had any Narcan just minutes after they arrived in the city.

Just 30 minutes into their venture to document the desolation of the city by the bay, comedians Leo Dottavio and Danny Mullen were asked for help by a panicked resident who was looking for Narcan to revive his girlfriend. The woman had allegedly overdosed on fentanyl.

Narcan is a brand name for Naloxone, a medication that quickly reverses an overdose by blocking the effects of opioids.

Once they realized the man was serious, the group quickly followed the local up to his apartment, where his girlfriend was lying on a bed unresponsive. The man was filmed attempting to wake the woman up by repeatedly tapping her on the face.

The crew’s cameraman, Nico Villacreses, helped administer CPR to the woman, who was barely breathing, while Dottavio and Mullen called first responders.

“We came to San Francisco to film one of our usual comedy documentaries on the crisis enveloping downtown; however, in the course of our filming, we encountered an individual overdosing on fentanyl and we were able to administer aid to save them,” Mullen said in the video.

Firefighters quickly arrived on the scene, breaking open a door to the apartment complex. After she received Narcan, the victim walked down the stairs to a nearby ambulance with the help of the paramedics.

“It’s pretty common,” one of the firefighters remarked in the video. “They have a lot of Narcan dispenser places. I’m surprised [the man] didn’t have it. Most of them have it,” he continued.

“Because that happens all the time?” Dottavio asked.

“At just our station we probably get 10 to 15 per day,” the firefighter answered. “We see this all day,” he added.

“Seeing a city that I grew up visiting, that I went to college near, in complete shambles is heartbreaking,” Dottavio told TheBlaze. “It’s very obvious that any change coming to San Francisco is in the distant future,” he added.

The remainder of the video showcased the comedians exploring a mostly abandoned downtown core of San Francisco, which was highlighted by empty office buildings and street poker games.

Mayor London Breed recently blamed news coverage of the city for pushing misconceptions about why residents have been leaving.

“Sadly, some of the news coverage conflate [sic] the reasons or do [sic] not provide the full picture of why big retailers and other businesses in San Francisco are deciding to leave or transfer ownership of their operations,” the mayor’s office said in a statement.

“Lacking foot traffic in our downtown areas as a result of work-from-home habits, as well as challenges stemming from shifting shopping trends that have persisted for years, were exacerbated by the pandemic,” the statement continued.

Mullen’s YouTube channel has garnered nearly 85 million views and has approximately 700,000 subscribers.




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