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Woman Bravely Punches Bear In The Nose That Was Chasing Her Dog

PORTER, Maine — A Maine woman was bitten by a bear in her backyard while heroically defending her pet dog, requiring a visit to the hospital for stitches, officials said Friday. Lynn Kelly, 64, was tending her garden in Porter when her beloved dog took off into the woods barking at something on Friday. The […]

Joe Biden Officially Disowns His Own Granddaughter

It appears that Joe Biden has officially disowned his 4-year-old granddaughter Navy Joan Roberts, despite the media’s portrayal of him as a loving family man. Hunter Biden, son of Joe and Jill Biden, has a daughter with former DC stripper Lunden Roberts. This young girl is now four years old and will turn five in […]

Biden Admin Mulls Blocking Sunlight To Quell Climate Change

It appears the Biden administration is considering extreme measures to combat climate change, according to a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy report published on Friday. The report suggests researching methods to manipulate sunlight in order to prevent it from reaching the planet – a strategy referred to as “geoengineering.” The University of […]