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Attorney Alina Habba Claims Timing Of Cases Is Designed To Make Trump Fail

According to Alina Habba, an attorney and legal spokeswoman for former President Donald Trump, the four cases that prosecutors have lined up against him are not intended to establish his guilt or produce a victory in court, but rather to “tie him up” so he cannot participate in future political campaigns.

On the show “Carl Higbie FRONTLINE,” she noted that the scheduled trial dates make it “literally impossible” for Trump to defend himself properly and suggested that this outcome is by design.

“The reason they keep filing [charges] … is because they don’t really care if they win,” Habba told Higbie. “They don’t really care if these cases have merit. They care about tying him up so that he can’t be out there doing what he needs to do on the campaign. And if we look at the trial schedule that we have coming, it’s literally impossible. It’s not about the legal team. It’s just the people that need to be there — the witnesses, the depositions … it’s impossible, and that’s by design.”

“But you know, they picked the wrong guy. He is resilient, he is wealthy, and he is strong — and he loves this country, and it only motivates him and his base,” she added.

“It’s just so obvious what they’re doing. I think they will never stop pushing because they can’t control President Trump. They see people who are Republicans as a threat to the Constitution in our country. But I’m pretty sure that these individuals don’t love our country. They cannot possibly love our country because they’re dividing it,” Habba said.

“It’s hurtful and frankly, our country is unrecognizable at this point, so I don’t think they’ll ever stop,” she said, adding that the trials are “not about the law,” but about power.

In a past interview on Fox News, Habba conversed with the host Pete Hegseth about the four indictments against Trump and how they think that the trial dates—two of which are set to start in March 2024, when the GOP primary is taking place—are meant to damage Trump’s campaign.

“I think it’s not surprising that he pled not guilty. Obviously, he waived his right to go in for an arraignment in person, because why give them more of a media frenzy? We don’t need that. So, you know, from here we actually get to litigate the case, which as an attorney I look forward to, I know our legal team does as well, to get to take our own turn at looking at all of the information and our own turn to put our side out, which is something that everybody needs to remember hasn’t happened as of yet. Four indictments are simply that, an indictment, which is just one-sided B.S., for a lack of a better word, on their political scheme to interfere with the leading candidate for president,” Habba said.

Hegseth followed up and asked: “So, Alina, this is all ridiculous. It’s all a circus. It’s all meant to interfere with the timeline of the election process. That’s a given. So these questions sort of come with that sense of how it’s — but if you are planning for Georgia, the D.C. timeline was just set for March 4th, as you know, the day before Super Tuesday, much sooner than your team had anticipated. What do you anticipate for a timeline down in Atlanta? How quickly will they try to push this, in your sense, and how will you push back?”

Habba then really sounded off, saying: “Let’s be clear. The Jack Smiths and the Fani Willises and the D.A. Braggs and the Letitia Jameses, if they could have it their way, they would have all trials the same week. It’s unrealistic, it’s ridiculous and it’s obvious. So what I think is happening is the judges will have to fight it amongst themselves. You cannot have 1 defendant in multiple cases.”

“But if you do look at the timeline as you mentioned, every single event, every single event from the indictment to the rushed grand jury, years after the events took place when they didn’t need to rush it, they could have had it two years ago, every single thing says very clearly, Joe Biden doesn’t know what he is doing in office, so let’s distract America so that all we talk about is President Trump and these hoaxes. That’s really all they are. So we are going to obviously argue that it’s impossible for one person to be in four different places. We’re going to argue that this is election interference,” Habba added.

“And then we will take a look at each individual person and say, ‘You ran for office based on the fact that you said you would get Trump, and so did you and so did you, and now we need our Constitution and due process to step in and do its part.’ If we don’t have fair judges, unfortunately, we won’t get this. So, we have a great team, I love our legal team right now. I feel strong and the president feels strong. We will take each one head-on,” she continued.

“It is amazing when you look at it. Hunter Biden problem, indictment. Hunter Biden problem, add charges to the indictment. Hunter Biden problem, indictment again,” Hegseth said.

“When do we set the trial date? Iowa caucuses. How about we do it the day before Super Tuesday? I’ve never seen anything like it. Of course, it’s totally unprecedented. And the way you put it together, it is election interference. Keep us updated on what you’re seeing,” he added.

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10 Responses

  1. Thet don’t realize that the more False charges they throw at President Trump the more he will fight back.
    They cannot stop him.
    The Democrats who have perpetrated crimes for their entire careers have to make up crimes to try and stop him. I want to see 90 million people walk into polling places all over the country wearing Maga hats, shirts, pins, red shirts, anything that indicates support for President Trump. The movement to save America cannot be stopped.

    1. You are totally correct, I’m a UK citizen but watch all the Political news and what they are trying to do to President Trump, something that would be happening in a third world countries, the world is watching very closely, they can see the Democrats dirty political games, they are playing out in front of the world, they know they cannot win at the polling stations, so this is their game plan, but it’s so obvious it Political interference in everyone’s eyes, the Democrats don’t understand that the majority of the world masses are fully behind President Trump getting back into the White House, as Biden as upset the majority of the other countries leaders of so badly, they cannot wait for Biden to be in prisoned, for all his real criminality over the last 40+ years while he’s been in politics. The sooner he gone the better for everyone in the world. We hope the MAGA army of supporters, stand guard and observe everything that going on, record everything they don’t like, until it’s explained as correct procedures. If you want your country back, you will have to get up off your backsides and start pushing back!

    2. The Democratic Pary Leaders are digging a deeper and deeper hole in which to bury themselves in everytime they fine more charges. Like the above article says, they have no way to control him except to file false changes which they will lose on, but it takes his time away from what is important. This is the same crap that they did when he was in office. The Globalists through Barrack Obama have been torpedoing Trump now for how long. Even my wife is convinced Trump is a Criminal while Biden walks on water. I am ready to divorce her after 54 years of marriage. I cannot even talk with her about it. The Democratic Party has lost its way and have turned Socialistic if not just down right Commuist in their ways. People here have no idea what that is all about becasue many have not even left their own states much less the country. The only thing that stops the Globalists now is the fact that there are patriotic people with brains that still love this nation the way it was before Obama and are armed to the teeth. Piss them off and the Globaists better run.

  2. I do NOT need to SEE President Trump campaign! I will just remember ALL of the great things that he accomplished, despite of all of the trash that the left AND right threw in his way!
    When I look at King O’Biden’s record I just want to PUKE! O’Biden’s brain is just a rotting bag of oatmeal, and he is nothing but a puppet for King Obama’s third term, and it is SO obvious! I look forward to seeing him AND Obama rot on hell!

    I will work for, and vote for President DonaldJ. Trump! MAGA!

  3. I also don’t need to see a Trump campaign. I remember what he did, what he can do and what he wants to do.The American people got fooled once, I hope they are wiser this time around.

  4. here’s an idea, if his name is not on a ballot, write it in. and then make sure this will never happen again. the dems know that he has so much dirt on them, the next step is to kill him. if not, they know they will either be headed to jail for life, or executed under state and federal laws. in another scenario, civil war will break out, and those that escape jail or execution, will be paying the price.
    the dems are masters at lies and corruption, and they don’t want to lose the last.why do you think they want the guns from you al gone, they know things are going too bad for them. they want to bring in miltary to take over soon.they know that without them, they will become targets and rightly so. people remember and will fight back if pushed into a corner, and most of the military will not act against you. they are in a bad place right now, and an armed coup, might be on the horizen against the dems and grubment now in office. we can only hope it happens soon.

    1. You are absolutely correct in your thinking, I live in the UK, but I’m very interested in what’s going on in the USA, I’ve no axe to grind or a dog in the fight, but the Democrats are acting like a third world country government. I’ve been saying the same regards to the confiscation of your weapons, the fact the reason it’s in your con’s and bill of rights, the founding fathers knew this would happen sometime in the future, that’s why the article 2 is put there, they knew if the people were unable to defend themselves, the experiment would be over, but with the Democrats trying to take them, tells me one major thing, that being, they are frightened to death of the angry mob. The armed forces are not going to be on the Democrats side, as the majority have families of their own, they are all volunteers to serve and protect the USA, what people don’t understand, is any Political Party is not the country of the USA, We The People make the country, politicians come and go, but the people are going to be always there. So if you want to keep it, you have to fight for it! You came to aid the British in their time of need, in WW2, you can bet your life’s savings, we would be standing at your side if found needing, with a International fighting force. Biden as pissed off the majority of the British this week, with back stabbing us with the EU, he as no friends in the UK or very little!

    2. It the majority of the people vote for Trump and he carries the Electorial College, then the people have spoken that they want a goverment of the People, by the people, and for the people.

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