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Blue-Haired Protester Shut Down By Police After Attacking DeSantis Supporter

One of Gov. Ron DeSantis’ campaign appearances in Iowa was disrupted by a confrontation between a blue-haired agitator and the crowd on Friday.

The incident occurred as DeSantis and Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds spoke at the Iowa State Fair in Des Moines.

A video of a scuffle involving an individual and a woman wearing a “B*tches Get Stuff Done” t-shirt showed her throwing punches.

The Iowa State Patrol was seen in the video attempting to de-escalate the situation by advising the blue-haired protester to refrain from any further disorderly conduct.

Reports indicated that law enforcement had moved some protesters to the back of the crowd.

A leader of Students for DeSantis shared another video, where it appeared that the event had been picketed by protesters.

A group of protesters wearing the same profane shirts protested with bullhorns directly outside of DeSantis’ campaign bus in one earlier video.

“Go back to Florida!” one protester shouted at the Republican presidential candidate.

The conservative governor, however, remained undeterred and continued introducing himself to potential voters in the state’s first-in-the-nation caucus.

Reynolds also spoke with DeSantis during the retail campaigning.

DeSantis touted his coronavirus policies and his vision for the country in his speech event with Reynolds.




8 Responses

    1. They are on their KNEES at an ice cream shop were Obama is DEMANDING he gets to be “served” first.

  1. I’m just done with these socialist fat f*@^ing idiots! If those fat slugs get in my face I’m knocking their damn teeth out of their ugly faces. When will Americans start showing the parents of these pos that we will no longer tolerate their bullshit and take them down like the rabid animals that they are!!

    1. Perhaps it should be done if and when these terrorist disruptors get in your face with a bullhorn. I mean, if the mouthpiece suddenly hit them in the teeth, should it be surprising although unfortunate?

  2. “A bullhorn in the teeth” – – -mm, yes; I suspect that would put a quick damper on their obscene actions! Sounds like a good (well deserved) plan to me. I have always wondered “why” we don’t see conservatives and Republicans acting this way at the liberal/commie campaign events. Majority of people are civilized and know “how to behave in public” and a lot do NOT! Just sayin – – –

  3. it has been allowed to happen so frequently that for most folks, we just ignore the fools. but. enough is enough. I agree something needs to be done. but what? dont want to go to jail for some blue haired radical. best to laugh at them, ridicule is the best medicine…. kudos to their parents for allowing them to grow up as fools. NOT.. what were these folks raised by, tv? that they deserve a trophy for creating air??? video of cops taking down woman waving gun in street was priceless. cop knew just where to clip her with his cruiser. she ate pavement, but wasn’t dead. what a driver!!!!!

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