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Competitor Reveals ERIC System Obsolete, Inefficient, Primitive and Untrustworthy

Recently, the Secretary of State in Alabama, Wes Allen was in Washington DC and he decided to drop into the offices of ERIC, the company 31 states use to maintain their voter logs.

Guess what he found? Nothing. No people, no computers, no phones, just an empty office.

There is a new competitor in town, headed by Jay Valentine, the Director of the Fractal Technology Software Team at Omega4America. They have already signed up 12 states and several more are ready to make the jump.

The Gateway Pundit has reported on the ERIC Systems in a series of articles and follow-up reports.

** ERIC Part 1: Who’s “Cleaning” Our Voter Rolls? ERIC Now in 31 States
** ERIC Part 2: Largest U.S. Counties Removed ZERO to TWO Ineligible Voters
** ERIC Part 3: The Founding of the Nation’s Largest Voter Roll Clean-up Operation
** ERIC Part 4: A Response to the Panicked Media Attacks

On Sunday Jay Valentine sent The Gateway Pundit, releasing a hint about what is in his letter to ERIC. Valentine found that states’ voter rolls were changed after the election so that illegal votes could be counted.

ERIC is supposed to tell states whose names should be taken off the voter rolls, but in the largest counties, ERIC only names one or two voters and that helps the Democrats manufacture votes. Valentine points out how fractal technology is far more advanced than what the ERIC system has to offer.

Valentine’s technology is capable of processing every voter roll, in every state, on multiple dates, relying on very few computers to get the job done.

He can then send the requested information by phone to individuals or elected officials at the speed of the internet. ERIC cannot do this or they just refuse to do it to keep from harming Democrats who depend on expanded rolls.

From The Gateway Pundit

Omega4America is contacting every Governor, Attorney General, and Secretary of State for all of the ERIC states to share their good news.

This ought to scare the hell out of Democrats who rely on bloated voter rolls to win elections.

Today we are listing the minimum requirement that exists with the Omega4America system compared to the current ERIC system.

The list is not even close. The Omega4America system accomplishes ALL of the below listed tasks.

The ERIC System does not. The ERIC system is antiquated, inefficient, and not trusted for a reason.

It is time for the 50 states to bring trust back into the election system. Omega4America is the answer.

Cleaning U.S. Voter Rolls – Minimum Viable Product  

Every U.S. state has election rolls of registered voters.  Those rolls, under Federal law, must be maintained and cleaned regularly.  Effective cleaning is not being done.

The following is the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) – the minimum requirement that current technology enables.  Any entity that does not offer such minimal services cannot claim to adequately clean voter rolls.

Every item on this list is available today, at a modest cost, and can be brought into production, with modern compute technology, in any state in 45 days or less.

  1. Voter registration rolls should be reconciled, every 30 days, with county personal property tax rolls ensuring every address at which a registered voter resides is valid.
  2. Voter registration rolls should be snapshotted, by date, at least monthly. Every voter roll snapshot is compared with every previous snapshot and the differences preserved in a readable file for public review – with graphical and tabular representations.
  3. Every voter address should be scanned by an artificial intelligence (AI) engine to take the same address, if presented in multiple ways, and bring it into a uniform address type.
  4. Beginning 45 days before early voting, the MVP should begin daily snapshots of the voter rolls. These comparisons identify new voters added after deadlines, zip code changes or other election commission changes that inject doubt into election outcomes.
  5. Available state databases should be reconciled against the state’s voter rolls. DMV records, death records, NCOA change of address records, lists of non-citizens and any other information the state captures should be available to reconcile against the voter rolls to insure consistency.
  6. The system should be able to be run as an outside service (SaaS), or as a state-run service within the state’s IT infrastructure, in a cloud (someone else’s data center) as the state mandates – inexpensively, implemented in 45 days or less.
  7. The MVP should identify any inserted characters, hidden characters or strings in voter registration numbers rendering them difficult for citizens to process on current computers. Such control characters and strings should be removed and if not possible – identified.
  8. The MVP should operate real time with queries, sorts or other data manipulation happening in less than 10 seconds, across all databases visible from a mobile device.
  9. During early voting, the MVP system should receive daily updates of who voted (electronic pollbook) and compare each day’s data with all previous day’s data – insuring cast ballot information is never modified.
  10. The MVP should identify, every 30 days, the state’s undeliverable ballot locations. This is the list of voter addresses to which the election commission will mail a ballot but such a ballot will be undeliverable.





11 Responses

  1. Using AI might seem like a good idea and I’m sure it would speed things up dramatically. However like all great ideas and products that are invented to make things better AI can be manipulated to do nefarious things.
    I’m sure it could, in the hands of the wrong people, change to voting results even faster than it’s done now.
    Got to have SAFEGUARDS to avoid this.
    But generally, this looks like a good start to break the Dems stranglehold on election manipulation and CHEATING!!
    How about this one: Some cities and states are going to allow illegals and non-citizens to vote: IN LOCAL ELECTIONS. How will elections where there are local and federal elections, usually on the same overall ballot going to cull out the votes that are not allowed for federal elections? I doubt it would be done and excused would be made and all that BS.
    We have seen time and time again that once an election is “certified” it’s almost impossible to undo it and throw the illegal winner out. Look at Arizona and everywhere else, including New Jersey where “Murph the Surf” stole the gubernatorial election in 2021.
    I could go on and on but we know there are problems and they need to be fixed or we’re done for.

  2. To supposedly be the best country in the world… we have a bunch of incompetent people in our gov’ts…. local, state and Federal… our gov’t is so extremely corrupt… nothing is run like it should be… PATHETIC!!! It all needs to be cleaned out and people put in place who works FOR the people and not against us…. our gov’t isn’t much better than some of these 3rd world countries….
    Bunch of incompetent boobs running the country!!!

  3. OMG, you’re scaring the hell out of dirty demorats! Love it. Without the ability to cheat at will, dems will not win nearly as much which is good for the U.S.

  4. If you listen to the democrats and their Talking Heads in the Propaganda Press, there is No Voter Fraud! Having lived in Chicago and worked for the City I saw and heard about ALL KINDS of Voter Fraud that kept the Democrat Party in Power from 1954 to the Present! Amazing! I believe that the Democrat Party of Today is much better equipped to “FIX” elections that it was back then. Mail In Ballots were not readily available in the Past and the Pandemic gave the democrats an outstanding opportunity to send in millions of Faux Mail In Ballots, count them after the Voting Booths closed and quickly destroy them! Then of course we have some Voting Machines that could have been hacked? In any event, we now have the Worse Government I have ever seen and the Worse Presidential in Our History, Go Figure?

  5. Sounds GREAT!! I never knew Elections were Stolen till 2016. Now I know, mostly due to Mike Lindell and all of his work thru: It’s plain as day, BUT,
    now I know sooo much more, and there are a myriad of ways they cheat, and MUST be stopped, or we won’t have a Nation left. it is already 3/4 gone, due to the Stolen Elections of 2020 & 2022.
    Are you working with Mike Lindell, please answer, as he has spent 10’s of millions and proven in several ways the mass Fraud, and if you team up, maybe we can get something done. Oh, Judicial Watch is GREAT Resource also! God Bless, Joe

  6. In another conservative Report covering the February 23, 2023 Arizona’s Joint eElections Committee with expert witnesses and testimony covering 2014 to 2022’s elections. Yes, it was about Arizona, a border state where a homeowner had to defend his family and property from being overrun by Sinaloa Cartel illegals by the thousands. This telling episode dovetails with complete and total presence in every government organization and operation…including Elections…of organized criminal activity. This may be the case across all USA, folks. Just in Arizona an estimated $25 billion dollars sloshes around and across all neighboring states. This presence dictates that elections MUST be controlled by bought-off public employees. In Arizona’s Joint Elections Committee ample evidence of this activity was “present and accounted for” in all border states. One witness had six attempts on their life. One candidate for Governor – daughter’s life was threatened. Folks, Drug money and illegal immigration are the alert for 2024 elections and beyond. Amen. God Bless America. Read A bible. KJV. Psalm 128. 10 Commandments everywhere. Kitchen Militias to decimate (really stupid Hegelian indoctrination and ideology). God Bless.

  7. go back to paper, and voting stations ,in person only.only, get rid of the rest of it, or things will never change.

  8. Hi,
    It seems that the only way to get true fair election is to vote in person with your picture ID and proof of residency, using your REAL ID, NO more mail in ballots that can be forged or created.
    We can’t keep letting the DEM’s cheat at elections.
    They have all committed TREASON!

  9. The company I used to work for, developed a system where a cop or gantry over a toll road entry can take a photo of your license plate. Within 7 tenths of a second, it will know who you are, and if your registration, inspection, and insurance are current. I see no reason why information such as voter ID can’t be located at the county seat and be dealt with like another license.

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