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Democrat Governor Declares ‘State of Emergency’ Over GOP-Controlled Legislature’s Plan to Increase School Choice in North Carolina

Democratic Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina must rally hate Blacks. He wants to condemn them to attend failed schools.

Maybe he is afraid that if they go to good schools and receive a good education, they will no longer vote for Democrats.

The state legislature already passed the bill, but Cooper says he will veto it. He even had the audacity to declare it an emergency. He must really want to keep the good schools as lily-white as they can be.

Cooper accused Republicans of trying to starve public education. That’s not what they were doing, but the idea sounds really good to me.

If public schools were a private business, they would go bankrupt within five years. It is an inferior product that costs a ton of money in order to get disastrous results.

For years we were told that if teachers were paid more money, they would do a better job. Well, we have thrown a lot of money to the teachers, but students’ results continue down the Johnny flusher.

Cooper said:

“It’s clear that the Republican legislature is aiming to choke the life out of public education. I am declaring this state of emergency because you need to know what’s happening.

“Our teachers deserve better pay and more respect, but the legislature wants to give them neither one.”

Investigative researcher Parker Thayer said:

“Unbelievable. Roy Cooper is now actually evoking emergency powers to fight veto-proof school choice bills passed by the legislature. Legislation is not an emergency.”

From The Blaze

Cooper said that the budget would mean cuts for programs in public schools, but Republicans countered that the plan would increase school choice for more parents and families.

A spokesperson for Senate leader Phil Berger excoriated Cooper’s announcement in a brief statement.

“Meaningless publicity stunts do nothing to improve educational outcomes in our state,” said Randy Brechbiel. “The House and Senate will continue working together to put forward budget proposals that address the needs of students and parents.”

Republican Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson also criticized Cooper.

“Once again, we see leaders in government telling you that they know what’s best for your child,” he tweeted. “Our Governor has gone so far as to use the words ‘state of emergency’ as a political prop. However, words like this weren’t said when Democrats had control of the legislature and teachers were receiving pay cuts and being furloughed.”




6 Responses

  1. State of Emergency? All democrats are in a State of Confusion! Hail to the Teachers Union! Has anyone checked to see if this guy was or is a member of the Klan? Remember Biden’s mentor Robert Byrd was a Klansman, if I recall correctly and we know that most if not all members of the Klan were Southern Democrats. Riddle Me That?

  2. While this leftist p.o.s. sends his own kids to private school at $62,000 per student.
    Doesn’t it sound hypocritical? Typical Democrat, rules and laws are for thee but not for me.

  3. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink no matter how pure the water is. Unless a student or group of students want to learn and put their preconceived notion, feelings, affiliations, excuses or problems at the door and actually try to learn, they will not learn, cause problems, develop clicks, secret in drugs and weapons for personal use or to sell. It is not an education problem, it is a society problem that we have allowed to fester and blossom into a daily chaotic challenge to control a room full of kinds with only one teacher who has no power to control them. Ultimately it comes down to parents not raising their children with guidance, but only providing them with a place to sleep, eat, watch TV or do video games. Parents that quit school have no idea what is being taught today and give the excuse they are too busy to help out thier kids. Society in general has failed.

  4. Devildemocommiecrats want to keep blacks on the plantation; poor, uneducated, and subservient to them!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Studies in the late 1950s and early ’60s clearly showed huge improvements in learning when teacher compensation was, in part, dependent on results. These studies were immediately denounced and suppressed due to pressure from NEA, etc.

    I remember bumper stickers saying, ‘If you can read this, thank a teacher.’ I don’t thank a teacher that I can read. I thank my mother who taught me to read before the schools could interfere.

    Many people think the resistance to using IQ tests is because they are ‘biased’ against minorities. I am sure the fact that teacher graduates score in the lowest 10% of college graduates on IQ tests has nothing to do with it.

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