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Sen. Marco Rubio Demands Probe on ActBlue Following Reports of Hundreds of Thousands of Likely Illegal Donations to Democrats

Untold millions of dollars have flowed into the political campaigns of Democrats through tens of thousands of straw donors who are likely victims of identity fraud.

Once someone makes a small donation to ACT Blue that had laundered money to spread around to various candidates.

So far we only know how much went to two candidates. Raphael Warnock received $24 million and Gretchen Whitmer got $18 million. The total could be well over $100 million dollars.

Now Sen Marco Rubio is demanding that the FEC (Federal Election Commission) investigates the matter, especially now that we know Barack Obama got $30 million from China in 2012.

How much of the money from 2022 was from foreign countries? The Democrats are constantly accusing Russia and China of interfering in our elections.

China especially is known for buying US politicians such as Joe Biden. One hundred million would be a drop in the bucket to them and consider how many Democrats push or kill bills that benefit China. Hunter Biden got over $3 million from a Russian.

The Gateway Pundit was the first to report that ActBlue was raising money using BLM as its front group. BLM is not a non-profit. In 2022 BLM announced that they were ending their relationship with ACT Blue. Did they suspect they were breaking the law in their name?

But money is still being donated in the name of BLM. Did they lie or are they being used? The Daily Caller confirmed that ActBlue was using BLM to raise money.

BLM is not a recognized non-profit organization and nonprofit organization (Thousand Currents) said it provides ‘fiduciary oversight, financial management, and other administrative services’ to BLM.

In early 2020 FOX News reported that half of all donations to ActBlue in 2019 came from “untraceable, unemployed donors.”

A  preliminary computer analysis by the Take Back Action Fund, obtained exclusively by Fox News, has found that nearly half of all 2019 donations to ActBlue were made by people claiming to be unemployed.

“After downloading hundreds of millions of [dollars in] donations to the Take Back Action Fund servers, we were shocked to see that almost half of the donations to ActBlue in 2019 claimed to be unemployed individuals,” he said. “The name of employers must be disclosed when making political donations, but more than 4.7 million donations came from people who claimed they did not have an employer. Those 4.7 million donations totaled $346 million ActBlue raised and sent to liberal causes.”

Action Fund’s President John Pudner had this to say regarding the finding:

“It is hard to believe that at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate was less than 4 percent, that unemployed people had $346 million dollars to send to ActBlue for liberal causes,” Pudner said, adding that “4.7 million donations from people without a job … raised serious concerns.”

“When Take Back Our Republic first pointed out in 2015:

That foreign interests could potentially use gift cards to flood money in through ActBlue’s unverified credit card system, more than 100 members of Congress stopped using the system and 31 Democrats joined 52 Republicans in trying to outlaw the practice,” said John Pudner, president of Take Back Action Fund.

“It took vendors only a few hours to change their setup to allow the banks to verify if donations were really from Americans. Unfortunately, as things turned harshly partisan after Trump’s election, ActBlue doubled down and moved more and more candidates onto an unverified system at a time when intelligence officials are warning that foreign interests want to impact who wins our elections. TBAF asks ActBlue to join the hundreds who have stopped using this system.”




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  1. The Demonrats have been nothing but scandalous since the 60s and have just escalated their criminal behavior since then since they were never held accountable.

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