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The Board for Project Veritas is Getting Ready to Give the Boot to Founder James O’Keefe

When I think of Project Veritas giving James O’Keefe the boot, I am reminded of the band, Journey. I was a big fan right up until they fired Steve Perry. It is the same band with a sound-alike lead singer. It’s been downhill ever since. Without O’Keefe, Project Veritas will be just like Journey. They will still exist, but will anyone care? I am not alone in this thinking as PV is seeing people drop the site in droves. Ironically, the complaint letter by 16 employees will likely become unemployed by the end of this year.

If you doubt that, consider this. PV depends on donations to keep it operating and O’Keefe is the person who gets people to donate. Name one other employee at PV. Just one. O’Keefe could likely start up a new organization and if he does, he will draw money away from PV. How long could they survive? They have sixty some employees and how long they can afford to pay them is in question.

NY Mag reported:

James O’Keefe, the founder and chairman of Project Veritas, has taken a paid leave from the conservative nonprofit media organization as its board considers whether to remove him from his leadership position, according to current and former employees of the organization.

An internal message sent to Project Veritas employees by the organization’s executive director, Daniel Strack, said that O’Keefe would be taking “a few weeks of well-deserved PTO.” An image of the message was shared by a source familiar with the organization’s internal operations, and its authenticity was confirmed by a current employee. When reached for comment on his personal cell phone, O’Keefe said nothing in response and did not respond to follow-up calls and text messages. Through a Project Veritas spokesman, Strack later released a statement on behalf of the organization. “Like all newsrooms at this stage, the Project Veritas Board of Directors and Management are constantly evaluating what the best path forward is for the organization,” the statement read in part. It did not directly address questions about O’Keefe’s employment status. “There are 65+ employees at Project Veritas dedicated to continuing the mission to expose corruption, dishonesty, waste, fraud, and other misconduct in both public and private institutions,” the statement read. “To our supporters: We hear you, we care about you, and we will never give up.”

O’Keefe is his organization’s guiding ideological force and onscreen face, but his status as its day-to-day manager has become uncertain amid reports of internal turmoil, lawsuits from former employees, leaks about its internal workings, and a federal investigation into its conduct in purchasing a diary stolen from Ashley Biden, the president’s daughter. Strack’s internal message to employees made reference to what he called “a distracting time” and said that a board meeting had been held to discuss “the health of the organization” and that while “we have not come up with final solutions yet we have made a few immediate decisions.” The message said two top Project Veritas executives, including the nonprofit’s chief financial officer, had been “reinstated.” Multiple sources said that the pair had recently been fired by O’Keefe.

A meeting of the Project Veritas board is scheduled for Friday, when O’Keefe’s potential removal is set to be discussed, according to one source familiar with the matter.

The other problem that PV could have is that if O’Keefe starts up a new site, he could end up with some of the best journalists following him. The loss of talent could be devastating. O’Keefe will be meeting with the Board on Friday to discuss his probable firing.




8 Responses

  1. If O’keefe goes so will the money. Good chance for him to build another investigative company.

  2. Why in the world would you consider taking out O’Keefe from Project Veritas???
    He is, at least to me, much like MUSK. He knows when something is a sham like Pfizer and all the Covid witchcraft they put out jabs and boosters that were killing and maiming people. Yes, people died from Covid but much of that death was inflicted by big Pharma! The behind the scenes of Pfizer needed to be told as they have no concern for human life and are part of the Soros depopulation movement.
    America needs the truth and O’Keefe reports it. Do not shut him and his investigators down. As board members I am asking you if you are being threatened by outside forces? America needs Project Veritas! Do not throw out the baby with the water.

  3. without O’Keefe there will be NO Veritas at all. I will follow wherever he goes next. Period

  4. The Project Veritas Board of Directors and Management are constantly evaluating what the best path forward is for the organization.
    The board seems to have little concern about the state of America!
    Without America, what kind of path forward will there be?

  5. O’keefe you need to go and start another Truth Finding organization! If the current board stays you will have nothing but constant issues in the future! The board of PV is now a WOKE group and has proved it! Unless they go you need to go and find your new truth future! I for one will not support PV unless your there but as I said it is concerning if the board stays intact!

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