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WATCH: Biden Struggles To Read Teleprompter – Lifelessly Stares, Mentally Gone

President Joe Biden is on the struggle bus, that’s nothing new. His newest blunder happened on Tuesday as he struggled to even read words off a screen while speaking to the press.

“Bridge over the, over the, the uh Holly River … Look, and uh Warshaw, and excuse me uh Washaw Count in Nevada,” sleepy Joe appeared to say as he tried to read the teleprompter, during which he continued to mess up words as he awkwardly learned in and squinted to see the screen that was just a few feet away.

People have taken to social media to mock Biden and his lifeless stare. It’s obvious that the man is mentally gone.

One Twitter user wrote, “Today’s edition of Joe Biden vs. the teleprompter.”


This sparked the argument that this kind of behavior exhibits exactly why Biden is too old to be president, and others voiced concerns that he may attempt to run for re-election.

One user jokingly replied to the video, “If this were the Super Bowl the refs would call for the 25t amendment.”

The 25th amendment declares that when “there is a vacancy in the office of the Vice President, the President shall nominate a Vice President who shall take office upon confirmation by a majority vote of both Houses of Congress.”

And as you can see, there is a “vacancy” in Biden’s brain.

Another said, “It’s always groundhogs day with Biden.”

HA. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was scared of his own shadow.

Mark the Shark asked, “Wonder if the interpreter gets hazard pay.”

Great question….we can’t figure out what he is saying in English. I couldn’t imagine trying to interpret that into sign language.

Here are a few more comedic responses:

No wonder China is feeling brave enough to send spy balloons to collect intel on the United States. They see the state of our president and know that he is too weak and senile to be a threat to them.

How embarrassing.




22 Responses

  1. As the old saying goes stick a fork in him he is DONE!!!! A disgrace to the office has become a JOKE to the world!!!!!!

  2. Biden is senile. He is mindlessly reading scripts prepared for him by WH backroom activists who are really running the show. Did you really vote for him?

    1. The same people that voted for him, voted for Fetterman .
      I don’t think either one can spell “BOB” backwards!

    2. I predicted as his dementia progresses that he will completely lose the ability to read the teleprompter or write his name–THEN what will they do?

  3. Let me first say I’m a CONSERVIATIVE! I voted for TRUMP 2ce and will a 3rd time if he runs. I don’t wish dementia on anyone; my mother had it for 13 years; my sister’s in the later stages of this DEVIL’s playground disease; and care giver’s are the one’s who suffer because of the toll; physically, financially, and mentally, it takes on them. This being said, JILL and the DEMS need to be put behind bars for ELDER ABUSE! and ABUSE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. We’re in dangerous times and o’biden needs to be taken from OUR HOUSE to his house with around-the-clock care.

    1. I agree, it’s so obvious it’s sad. I blame Jill for allowing him to make a fool of himself just to satisfy their greed. Disgusting

  4. Well said. The USA is in serious trouble on many issues. My guess is Biden was made VP during the Obama administration simply due to the fact he was too stupid to cause any trouble. He would never object to anything Obama did. Then wonder of wonders, Biden becomes President and Harris is now VP, most likely for the same reason.
    Now that Biden is in the Ukraine giving them whatever they ask for, does this make Harris acting President if something comes up needing immediate response? Either way, God help us all!

  5. Is pitiful that no politician has stepped up to the plate to have this idiot removed from office. You are supposed to represent your constituents and safeguard our country, yet you let this poor demented fool continue to represent our country.
    Who cares if Kamala, the next in line idiot , replaced Biden. She can immediately be impeached for not protecting our borders and all the other offenses that Biden and all his other Admin are already guilty of.
    Wake up you corrupt politicians. Get them all out and put some true leaders in place to properly represent us !!!

  6. This is not a laughing matter. Autumn is correct Jill and her party should be jailed for
    elder abuse. Who ever is calling the shots is using the President to give money to
    foreign countries (which we tax payers don’t have) when needs in our county aren’t
    being met. Wake up people.

  7. Fraud Biden to so far gone mentally he would let China and Russia invade America!! Time to apply the 25th Amendment to Biden and remove him from office before America is invaded by foreign troops!!

  8. Biden to so far gone mentally he would let China and Russia invade America!! Time to apply the 25th Amendment to Biden and remove him from office before America is invaded by foreign troops!!

  9. Biden is and as president, has always been a puppet with his strings being manipulated by the ultra wrong, ultra liberal, and socialist/communist handlers at the WH. When is the person/s responsible for his embarassing charade going to make the move to REMOVE Biden from this position as President? However, the VP standing in the shadows is also not competent enough to run the show either. So the choice is between bad and worse.

  10. The Marxist Democrats and coward Republicans in Congress refuse to take action. Corrupt Deviant Traitor Joe must be removed from office before he leads us into WWIII. WAKE UP AMERICA!

  11. LOL, voters get what they voted for, a POTUS that is mentally challenged. Lying Corrupt Quid Pro is in good company, Fetterman is also mentally challenged, and to think that Walter Reed gave Corrupt Quid Pro a clean bill of health and is up to the task of being POTUS, while overlooking Corrupt Quid Pros degenerative brain disease. It was all sugar coated. If one is a flag officer and a doctor, one has to lie and give the POTUS a clean bill of health, otherwise one may lose their career and be fired.

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