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Atlanta Man Tries To Rob Nail Salon, Gets Ignored By Everyone

Last week, a man attempted to rob an Atlanta nail salon – but his plan was thwarted by the salon’s customers. A video of the incident shows an unidentified suspect entering Nail First salon in Atlanta on Monday with his hand inside a bag, as if he were holding a weapon. The suspect then demanded money from those present.

Upon seeing this, rather than complying with the man’s demands, the patrons and employees of Nail First simply ignored him and returned to their regular activities.

With no one paying attention to him or offering up any cash, the unknown assailant soon left without taking anything from anyone – leaving them all unharmed.

By refusing to comply with the intruder’s orders and staying calm during such a tense situation, these brave individuals were able to keep themselves safe while also avoiding any potential legal consequences that could have resulted had they chosen another route.

This incident serves as proof that people are often more capable than they think when it comes to protecting themselves against potential harm.

It also provides evidence that society can still run smoothly when individual members make decisions based on principles rather than fear or intimidation – even in dangerous situations which could have easily escalated into something far worse had different choices been made.

Although the man shouted, “Everybody get down! Give me all your money!” surveillance video shows he was ignored by both customers and employees.

The salon owner even decided it was OK to answer the phone during the attempted robbery while a customer casually stood up to go outside, though the suspect snatched her phone as she walked outside.

Eventually, the humiliation appeared to be too much for the suspect, who left the salon in a silver-colored sedan, according to law enforcement.

Lesa Barrow, a regular customer who was in the salon at the time of the attempted robbery, told WAGA that the owner was indeed scared of the would-be robber, but he didn’t react because he didn’t want his customers to worry.




6 Responses

  1. They probably couldn’t care less cause he had that innocent look I keep hearing about…AAAHHHahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  2. The customers’ nail polish application and nail drying was in progress. That surely was the priority for the cosmetologists and the customers. Both require patience and time. Time is money. Schedules are schedules, after all. Additional scheduled clients are due soon, etc. The ladies might have had parties to which they were going to go right after their appointments. Fresh nail polish application in progress is not a trivial matter. Next time that robber wants to try a robbery here, he should make an appointment….

  3. Next time that robber wants to try a robbery at a nail salon, he needs to make an appointment….

  4. Shame that no one was carrying. Could have killed the asshole with a single shot. Could have claimed they feared for their life .. He had such a big bag… Must have had a big weapon!!!

    1. Just another dumb ass ignorant uneducated Black who probably should have already been serving jail time!
      I always wonder what their parents think. How can you raise a child to be so fucking stupid!!!

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