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Major Development for Male Teacher Supervising Nude Girl in Locker Room

The Terre Haute school district has reversed their mandate of having a male teacher supervise a female student while she was nude in the locker room, however, the legal team that raised concern about the decision says there are still issues to address. The debate revolves around the gender-confused girl attending a boys’ middle-school physical […]

NASCAR Driver Flips 10 Times In Violent Crash and Miraculously Walks Away

Ryan Preece, a 32-year-old NASCAR driver, experienced a violent crash in Saturday night’s Coke Zero Sugar 400 in Daytona Beach, Florida which resulted in his car flipping over 10 times. Miraculously, he was able to walk away from the incident and was placed on a stretcher and attended to at the infield care center. He […]

NFL Player Tommy Sweeney Collapses on Field During New York Giants Practice

During a practice session, the New York Giants were horrified when their tight end, Tommy Sweeney, suddenly fell to the ground. “Scary scene as TE Tommy Sweeney received significant medical attention while working on a side field for rehabbing players,” New York Giants beat reporter for The Athletic, Dan Duggan, wrote on Wednesday. “Unclear what […]