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Fox News Ratings In Freefall As Primetime Reshuffle Fails

The news that Fox News has taken a drastic ratings nosedive and is now behind MSNBC in terms of viewership can only be described as shocking.

With their decision to fire Tucker Carlson and revamp their primetime lineup, they have seemingly made a misstep which may prove difficult to recover from.

The inside scoop on the panic settling in at Fox News was shared by Chadwick Moore, author of ‘Tucker,’ who tweeted: “Sources at Fox are telling me that [Monday’s] much-hyped primetime reboot was a ratings disaster.

Executives are panicked. Hannity lost to MSNBC’s Maddow, and the 8:00 show only pulled in 149,000 from the key demographic. (Tucker routinely got at least 400k).”

This news was followed up with an additional tweet by Moore which stated: “Fox brass is “not happy” about last night’s numbers, one source says. And Fox News sock puppet accounts are very upset that the ratings are getting out.”

Gregg Re, former head writer for Tucker Carlson Tonight provides insight into how low these final ratings numbers actually went, “The final ratings numbers are in from Fox’s big primetime “relaunch/reshuffle.”

These numbers include DVR viewings. Jesse Watters managed just 161,000 viewers in the key 25-54 y/o demographic (Tucker often had > 400k).”

“On many nights in the past few months, Jesse Watters was actually doing much better in his old timeslot… Note that Jesse is barely beating the demo numbers of the defunct filler show “Fox News Tonight.” Ouch!”

The contrast between what happened to Tucker Carlson when he left Fox and what is happening now with its current lineup could not be more striking – while his ratings soar under his new show on Twitter backed by a seven-figure advertising deal with Public Square, it appears as though Fox News’ own viewership continues to spiral downwards into obscurity.

How will this once-dominant cable network attempt to reverse this downward trend? Is there any hope for recovery? Many will be watching closely for answers to these questions over time.




23 Responses

  1. Watch NewsMax

    My news routine

    Dont watch The 5
    But do see Varney & Co M-F AM

  2. It is all well deserved. Woke goes broke. There is no Roger Ails to screw Murdochs heads right.

    1. Amen love it WOKE GOES BROKE look at disney bud light target etc etc Big mistake to let tucker go. NEWSMAX

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    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

  4. I truly was a Fox News fan and watched Tucker Carlson faithfully, ever since they canned my hero Bill O’Reilly. I temporarily stopped watching after O’Reilly left, and Tucker won me back. This time, HELL NO! NOT GOING BACK! They pulled the rug out from under their viewers one too many times and I have had it! I am a very generous and magnanimous person, but enough is enough! I’ve weaned myself now and not going to risk going back again. Give me at least another full hour or more each evening to do something else productive now.

  5. I like Mark Levin and Newsmax I’ll also watch Hannity the turn to YouTube and watch Tucker Carlson.
    The Veiw is a forbidden show in our household and MSNBC and CNN are a joke of incompetent Communist paid for shit shows by the DNC.

  6. After they kicked Tucker out the door, everything went downhill from there (and deservedly so).

  7. Fox lost a lot of viewers who won’t return when they abruptly and foolishly cancelled Tucker, their number 1 show! And their reporting is moving left and it’s appalling.

  8. I am among the previous viewers of Fox from 7-9 p.m. The new line-up is not appealing–too much personality and not enough news. I really like Bret Baier’s news show at 6, but am rarely available to watch it. I liked the changing hosts for the 7 p.m. slot when Fox was trying to figure out how to fill in Tucker Carlson’s slot. Some were better than others, but in general, the focus seemed to be more “newsy” than political ” gotcha,” which has become tiresome, whether conservative or progressive. What I would really like to see again is the type of strictly news program that Shepherd Smith did on CNBC until they decided (erroneously, in my opinion) that a business channel shouldn’t have a news program.

  9. It’s refreshing to see the American people voicing their opinion by simply changing the channel. Sweet ! Like DJT said, “everything woke, goes to $h[t”

    Congrats FOX….. this is well deserved. See ya

  10. Fox has a management problem not a talent problem. Owners are not experts in their businesses the players are. Fox ran fine till the old man stuck his self into it. Now they are all screwed up!

  11. Fox news was a staple of our nighttime viewing. NOT anymore. I’ve have no sympathy for those WOKE jokesters. BIG mistake getting rid of Tucker. No doubt this new lineup is in BIG trouble. Pretty bad when you lose to Rachill Maddow.

  12. How did Gutfeld do? My eyes are way too old to be able to read that tiny printed graph.

  13. Your new line-up is fine. It’s just their first week. Fox brought the ratings drop on themselves by trying to save a few million…now they’re “paying the piper”

  14. Why does anyone trust Hannity? He is a fake Conservative corporate asskisser that plays the tough guy character but in all reality, he is nothing but a sellout chump!

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