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Man Caught On Camera Poisoning Neighbors with Toxic Opioid Agent in Tampa, FL

Umar Abdullah and his family relocated to Tampa, Florida in June 2022. Subsequently, Xuming Li commenced issuing complaints to Umar about noise emanating from the residence.

On a subsequent occasion, video evidence captured Xuming Li injecting a potentially toxic opioid agent into the door of the property. This led to his arrest by local law enforcement officials.

Xuming Li expressed his dissatisfaction with the relocation of the toilet, citing that it had prevented him from getting a good night’s sleep.

Subsequently, Abdullah and his family reported experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

Umar reported to WFLA:

“I looked at my daughter. Her eyes were filled with tears. She wasn’t crying, but her eyes were full of tears.”

Abdullah noted that his friend initially detected the scent of chemicals upon dropping off a package while on vacation with their family.

Upon returning home, they also noticed the odor, which some described as similar to nail polish remover, however, Abdullah stated it was more “unpleasant”.

Umar undertook an investigation into the source of the foul odor in his home. He initially contacted an air conditioning company, but they found no issues. A plumber then examined the water heater and again, no problems were detected.

Despite cleaning out the air ducts and vents, the smell remained. After a thorough search of the house, Abdullah uncovered a crack in the corner of the front door through which a syringe could fit.

Umar made the decision to install a discreet surveillance camera outside the house. After confirming that his daughter was ill once more, Abdullah examined the video footage and observed Xuming Li’s attempts.

The images demonstrated Li kneeling before Abdullah’s entrance but the angle was not sufficiently clear to determine what exactly was taking place.

Abdullah rearranged the camera and saw Li withdrawing a hypodermic needle, filling it with liquid, then injecting it into the crack in Abdullah’s doorway.

Abdullah evacuated his family and contacted the police. Li was apprehended and accused of several offenses, including possession of a controlled substance and theft.

Xuming Li caught with toxic agent. Photo: Reproduction/WFLA

The Tampa Police Department has released a statement that revealed a hazardous materials test determined the liquid “chemical agent” to contain methadone and hydrocodone, opioid painkillers. Li is currently out on bond, according to WFLA, and his next court appearance is scheduled for December 5.

Additionally, Abdullah has filed a lawsuit against him for domestic violence and the condo association has done the same for breach of contract. Li’s attorney declared that he pleaded not guilty and maintained that all facts would be revealed in due time.





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  1. Like any group there are members who will do things that are completely bizarre. In this case, if he is a foreign national, he should be arrested, tried, and obviously convicted. He should serve a sentence and then be immediately deported back to his original country and perminately banned from entering the USA again.

    1. Agree 100%, this guy is so mean & danger, fighting is ok but intentional harm another with chemical that can not except, he should pay for his bad behavior

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