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President Trump Created Highly Successful Program Meant To Protect America From Chinese Espionage And Biden Killed It

President Trump set up a program to stop China from spying on the United States in this country. The initiative led to quite a few convictions. President Trump knew that China was a huge threat to this country, but President Trump refused to betray this country at any price, unlike Joe Biden. Biden does not even try to hide it anymore. He knows his fellow Democrats and the lapdog press will never let him face treason charges, so he just does whatever he pleases as long as the cash register keeps ringing.

One of the first things that Bidn did was remove trump’s initiative and that made it possible for China to keep on spying and bribe liberals in this country to do their bidding. Let me ask you just one simple question. Other than to allow China to spy to their hearts’ content, why would anyone kill the Trump initiative? I can’t think of one possible reason, can you?

The program proved highly successful as noted by the Heritage Foundation:

The China Initiative tallied several major convictions. Most recently, in December 2021, a jury convicted Harvard University chemistry professor Charles Lieber of making false statements and of tax offenses in connection with receiving a $50,000 per month salary, living expenses of $150,000, and more than $1.5 million for a research laboratory from the Wuhan University of Technology, including between $50,000 and $100,000 in $100 bills that he carried out of China in his luggage.

Between the fall of 2018 and the end of 2021, the DOJ brought dozens of other China Initiative cases. These include the November 2021 conviction of Xu Yanjun, an intelligence officer from China’s Ministry of State Security, on economic espionage charges for attempting to steal advanced composite fan blade technology from General Electric’s aviation division in Cincinnati.

They include the October 2020 charges against eight Chinese nationals engaged in the Ministry of Public Security’s “Fox Hunt” campaign, which attempts to force Chinese dissidents in the United States to return to China.

Biden’s Assistant Attorney General in charge of the National Security Division, Matt Olsen said:

“We helped give rise to a harmful perception that the department applies a lower standard to investigate and prosecute criminal conduct related to that country or that we in some way view people with racial, ethnic, or family ties to China differently.” 

A former Justice Department official lamented that the U.S. “stopped fighting for the China initiative on Jan 20, 2021,” the day President Biden took office.

The former official told Fox News that China was successful in framing the issue as one of racial bias, and that the U.S. stopped trying to counter this.

“We gave up. You know the champagne corks will be popping at CCP offices. They won the disinformation campaign,” the former official said.

But because Biden has profited handsomely from his son Hunter’s business dealings with China, something more nefarious is likely at play. Donald Trump Jr. addressed the actual reason this morning as to why Biden would shut down a program so successful at combatting Chinese espionage.




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  1. The titular potus is the ” AMERICA LAST “… & the most vindictive arrogant corrupt POS , that ever sat in the PEOPLE’S HOUSE… joe doesn’t even know what PLANET HE’S ON… MAY GOD HELP US(A)….. The BIG QUESTION is, Can AMERICA STAND (2) more years of his entire incompetent Administration ?

  2. Pure and simple, biden is a TRAITOR!! The gallows is too good for this guy. How about a firing squad with guys who can’t shoot very well; maybe just wound him so he has to suffer for a LONG time!!

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