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Lyin Biden BUSTED – Realizes He’s Wrong About GOP Wanting to Cut Medicare, Social Security

Did President Joe Biden actually have a moment of realization during his State of the Union address? House Majority Leader Rep. Steve Scalise believes so!

On Tuesday, Scalise appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Ingraham Angle” and discussed how Biden has continued to repeat the lie that Republicans want to cut funding for Social Security and Medicare. When the president stated his false narrative during his speech, once again, GOP Congress members shouted out in disagreement.

Biden declared that Republicans want to hold the economy “hostage” until he agrees to cut Social Security and Medicare. Members then vigorously booed him and shouted that he is a “LIAR!”

It was during that altercation, as Biden went back and forth with members, that he appears to realize that he is, in fact, WRONG.

Check it out:

Scalise said, “He talked about this false premise of somebody that wants to get rid of Medicare and Social Security. He loves throwing this out there, and we called him on it. Everybody’s like, who are you talking about? And so, then he had this weird interaction with the members of Congress and finally, at the end of it, realized, okay so none of you are for doing that. … Mr. President, stop telling all of these lies.”

He added, “President Biden actually got into a back-and-forth with some of the members as he was trying to continue this false narrative, and he’s said it many times, oh, there [are] these people who want to get rid of Social Security and Medicare. And we’ve told him, Mr. President, who are these people? Because it’s not us. In fact, it was Joe Biden, when he spent hundreds of billions paying people not to work, millions of people that are sitting at home being paid, they’re not paying into Social Security. That was Biden’s plan that undermined Medicare and Social Security.”





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  1. Its sicking how he and democrats can set there with a straight face and tell a bald face lie and not even blink.

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