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The Squad and College Students Will Be Crying When They See the Casualty Report From Jabaliya

All of those terrorist sycophants in Congress and on college campuses will be wailing and gnashing their teeth when they see the casualty report from Jabaliya. There were 1,000 terrorists killed and another 3,000 were captured. Israel did have some casualties. Five to be exact. Those are numbers that would make Chief Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse proud. They should put the battle on pay-per-view. They could make a bundle off from that. I’d pay to watch it.

The 162nd Division of the IDF is currently engaged in military operations in Jabaliya in Gaza. In that battle, Israel killed 1,000 terrorists bringing the total to 9,000. They also captured another 3,000, while losing only five soldiers of their own. In one of their raids on  Rantisi hospital, it turned out that they had been holding hostages there, but had moved them before the raid took place. They did however recover the five bodies of hostages and soldiers. Their bodies were returned to Israel.

From The Gateway Pundit

In Gaza City, forces found mortars and explosives inside a house next to a kindergarten. In a nearby house, a rocket launcher aimed towards Israel was discovered, along with an RPG, JNS reported. In Khan Yunis, soldiers uncovered military uniforms, explosive charges and combat equipment inside a residential home. Engineering forces destroyed a tunnel from which terrorists had emerged to fire an RPG at troops.

Over the past two days, forces have carried out raids at a school on the outskirts of Al Shati in northern Gaza where terrorists operated. Soldiers found weapons and maps belonging to Hamas, according to JNS.

The IDF also announced it had achieved operational control of the Hamas stronghold neighborhood of Shuja’iyya, in northern Gaza. Soldiers of the 36th Division fought close-quarters combat with terrorists using firearms and explosives, JNS reports.

The IDF’s 252nd Reserve Division has completed its operations against the Hamas terror group in the Beit Hanoun area of northern Gaza, and handed over responsibility of the region to the Gaza Division, indicating the military has firm control of that sector, Times of Israel reports.

Among other things, the forces collected many weapons including Kalashnikov type weapons, grenades, cartridges and ammunition boxes, mortar bombs and vests – including IDF vests, Arutz Sheva writes. The 5th Brigade located uniforms of the Hamas terrorist organization, including children’s uniforms, Hamas documents and telephones, and an IDF kitbag.

The forces also located several tunnel shafts in the homes of Hamas operatives, the largest of which was in a school. From these tunnels terrorists attacked the forces the day before the brigade’s operation.

IDF soldiers recovered a camera from a dead terrorist and the pictures show terrorists planting bomb to kill Israeli soldiers. Obviously, they were not effective.

Soldiers of the 931st Battalion engaged terrorists who were on a high perch and throwing grenades at Israeli forces. Again, they were not effective.

Arutz Sheva writes:

“The forces eliminated many terrorists in close-quarter battles, located dozens of tunnel shafts that were destroyed and exposed significant intelligence materials that contributed to increasing the effectiveness of the operation.”

The operation is accompanied by a close and precise fire plan known as the “Fire Belt”. The 214th Artillery Brigade and the Commando Brigade strike using guided and accurate weapons such as the ‘Iron Sting’ and other precision missiles.





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