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The Washington Post Publishes Fake News About Elon Musk and the Sun Will Rise in the East

There are some things that you can always take for granted. Like ice is cold, rain is wet and the WaPo lies. Believe in those three things and you will never be disappointed. The latest in a very long line of fake news is the story they just did on Elon Musk. They claim he got angry and got all of his engineers to rewrite the algorithms so that his tweets always appear on top.

But, they did not bother to try to reach out to Musk or to the engineers to see if the story is true. Had they done that, they would have been unable to publish the story they knew was a lie. They needed to maintain plausible deniability, otherwise, it is defamation. This way they can plead ignorance and it is impossible to prove they aren’t. That would be harder than trying to milk a magnesia fly.

The WaPo spared no expense and assigned two writers to the story. But the WaPo refuses to spread rumors. They only start them. You have to spread them yourselves. The paper that lives in darkness could not pass up an opportunity to slander Musk. And with two reporters, you would think they could investigate their story. But, it is like the guy who was searching for a bag of dog poop he lost on Main St. He was asked where he lost it and he replied Oak St. Why don’t you look there the man asked. Because I might find it the first man replied.

From Hot Air

SAN FRANCISCO — Nearly four months into Elon Musk’s ownership of Twitter, one of the most influential social media websites has been transformed into a mercurial billionaire’s personal sandbox.

Twitter users knew the site would change under Musk, who purchased the company in October for $44 billion and installed himself as CEO on a promise of restoring “free speech.” What many underestimated was the extent to which Musk would make wholesale changes with the potential to disrupt the experience across the site for his own benefit.

That approach was illustrated dramatically this week when the site Platformer reported Twitter had made major algorithmic changes — on Musk’s orders — that resulted in users seeing the billionaire’s tweets first. Musk had been worried that his engagement was declining: His tweet throwing support behind the Philadelphia Eagles in the Super Bowl had not performed as well as President Biden’s, for example. The fix that Twitter rolled out pushed Musk’s tweets to the top of many users’ feeds, something widely noted by users.

Without a doubt, the authors of this story used fired workers as a source. But, since they were fired how would they know? Fired workers have criticized Musk for everything. They even criticized him for trying to eliminate all bots. But, ask yourself this. Even though Musk fired so many workers, how is it possible that there is no problem using the site? They are hardly missed at all.

From Hot Air

Even before he bought Twitter, Musk emphasized the site’s need to crack down on spam and bots, particularly those shilling cryptocurrency.

“If our Twitter bid succeeds, we will defeat the spam bots or die trying!” Musk posted on April 21, shortly before the deal was made, a day before he decried what he said were verified “scam crypto bots” on the site.

It wasn’t that crypto bots weren’t a problem.

“All the examples were pretty unique to him, but there were these long-standing issues that overlapped,” one of the former employees recalled.

Musk’s pronouncements about the problems plaguing Twitter even before the takeover were often raising alarms about issues that were far from the typical user’s experience, according to the former employees.




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  1. Truth
    That is what matters
    Elon, thanks for looking for truth and trying to put a stop to all the lies that are being spread
    Truth will set you free
    There is a great need for a place one can go to read and hear the real truth
    Not what some one thinks but the actual TRUTH about the subject

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