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US Weapons Armed the Taliban After Gen. Mark Milley’s China Talks

In a shocking turn of events, General Mark Milley has been accused of treason after it was revealed that he had hidden the nuclear codes from President Donald Trump while secretly conversing with Chinese officials over several phone calls, all while arming the Taliban with billions of dollars worth of weapons supplied by U.S taxpayers’ money without consulting or informing President Trump or anyone in his administration first beforehand.

General Milley’s Actions to Hide Nuke Codes from Trump and Secretly Converse With China:

It is alleged that Milley held several secret phone calls with Chinese officials during which he discussed sensitive topics such as nuclear codes and other military information without notifying President Trump about them beforehand – a violation of protocol that is considered an act of treason in some circles.

Furthermore, reports indicate that he deliberately attempted to hide the nuclear launch codes from the president, thus potentially putting national security at risk if those codes were to be leaked out by any means whatsoever.

These are extremely serious allegations for which General Milley must now face accountability for.

US Weapons Arming the Taliban With $80 Billion:

A second major issue related to this scandal involves U.S weapons being used by militants within Afghanistan at an alarming rate due to their access through these weapons provided by General Milley himself – reportedly amounting to up to $80 billion worth of taxpayer funds. Our money was being spent on arming enemies instead of our allies.

This is obviously a very concerning development as it could potentially lead to further conflict between countries if these weapons are misused or fall into enemy hands, which would then lead us on a path towards more conflict scenarios rather than peacekeeping.

The accusations of treason against Milley, after allegedly hiding nuke launch codes from President Donald J Trump and having secret conversations with Chinese officials without informing anyone else beforehand are damning.

If he’s eventually found guilty this could spell disaster for our nation’s security and foreign policy moving forward – something we must all keep an eye on.




90 Responses

  1. Gen. Milley should be tried for Treason. Communicating with a communist country, while hiding Nuke Codes from the President of the United States.. He is a very dangerous man, who needs his rank removed immediately, also for giving weapons and Billions of taxpayers money, that was spent on arming the ENEMY OF THE UNITED STATES INSTEAD OF OUR ALLIES … VERY INCOMPETENT, UNDESERVING OF THE HIGH RANK OR A TRAITOR …

    1. That won’t happen but he should, at least, be should stripped of his military office and pension. What he did is probably treason, but he will never go to trial for it.

      1. I’m a combat Vietnam Veteran and what Milley did is treason, not probably treason is treason and should be shot.

    2. His a Military Person, ” He can only be judged in a Military Tribunual, if found guilty he faces a firing squad, there’s only been one person excecuted by the military I think it was for being a coward during ww2.

    3. You are so right. Execution is the penalty for treason which it clearly was. It’s a slam dunk case.

    4. Sadly, on what grounds? He didn’t commit treason unless we can claim we’re secretly at war with China or the Taliban. As far as I know, Congress hasn’t DECLARED war against either, the requirement for treason to be charged per SCOTUS rulings.

      So a far better charge would be sedition. I say the same should be brought up against Obama, Panetta, and Clinton over Benghazi.

      1. Not true, read Military Law says war or aid and comfort to our enemies. Sedition requires 2 or more people involved. Their is Misprison of treason also , it involves not keeping President informed or judges as case may be!!

    5. Roland – Televised! Were his slow hanging by strangulation on pay-per-view, there is the potential for considerable money to be made. Snapping his neck, not so much. On the gambling side of things, oddsmakers could have a field day as to how long it would take before MilleyVanilley stopped kicking and squirming.

    6. Just stand him in front of a wall and shoot him like the treason ridden scum that he is

    7. The fatso better retire soon or he will be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank to Private, and put in the brig for a very long time!!

  2. What’s sad and dangerous is that we all knew G. Milley was nuts and did radical things. His behavior is very flawed and should have been arrested long ago, especially too after Afghanistan. This man is very evil, he’s the devil’s advocate.

    1. Remember that during the Obama administration there were over 400 Field Grade Officers (07 and above) who were asked if there was an uprising would they, the Admirals/General, shoot American Civilians. The 400 said they WOULD NOT shoot American Civilians and were then given their walking papers, forced to retire. Two General Officers that retained their jobs were Miley and the now Secretary of Defense Curtis meaning they would have no problem shooting American Citizens. Think about that as both were retrained by Obama.

  3. LI guess he was really in charge of the country, this woke disaster of a general.

  4. If these things are true, he should immediately be put in jail. What is Trump’s response? What is Biden’s response? Where are all the congress people’s response?

  5. As much as I lost all respect for GEN Milley, he cannot be charged with treason. Legally, under the Constitution, “The Treason Clause applies only to disloyal acts committed during times of war. Acts of dis-loyalty during peacetime are not considered treasonous under the Constitution. ” He can be charged under several sections of the UCMJ, but not treason.

    1. True to the UCMJ. I wrote him in October 21 demanding his resignation. No reply. However. I think I was fair when I said GITMO for the Courts Martial, no media. Execution at sunrise. Why waste oatmeal and grapefruit on that barrel gutted disgrace of an officer.
      If he goes to Leavenworth, no hard labor as officers are not given that sentence. Disgrace and public humiliation is enough. Throw on Gen Austin too. They’re in cahoots.

    2. Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court. So the or part which you left out (or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort). Looks like giving our enemies eighty Billion and hiding our ability to wage war (nuke codes) looks like ” Aid and Comfort” to me.

  6. He needs to be tried for treason in a very public court setting. Don’t do it behind closed doors. Then he needs to be shot fir treason. No jail
    Shot by a military firing squad to show everyone what happens to traitors.!!!!!

  7. General Milley’s Actions to Hide Nuke Codes from Trump and Secretly Converse with China are acts of treason and he should be court marshaled. In addition to him there is a long list of FBI employees who need to be removed because of their treasonous actions.

  8. He is an obvious communist! He is the epitome of treasonous cocked headed general. I’ ll garuntee he was an ass to serve under ,who lived by two sets of rules! And dished out severe punishments whenever possible. Prosecute him and hold him to the highest punishment possible! He is an infection upon the human race !

  9. milley is a TRAITOR but so are most in congress so nothing is going to come of any “investigations” done by the gop establishment!!!!! The gop establishment does nothing but bluster, bleat, and whine while helping devildemocommiecrats trample over the Constitution and We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Milley “has been accused” — by whom? A rather significant detail left out of the article using the passive verb (vs active verb) technique.

  11. gen mark milley is A Traitor to The Citizens of The United States as shown by his actions.
    It is beyond disgusting that The United States military allowed him to get advanced that high in rank. Total kiss ass toward Democrats and acted against our country with his actions. ALL of these people need to be removed from office.

  12. He’ll be commended and rewarded by the Liberal woke assholes and will live life in luxury untouchable. America is run by the most corrupt pieces of shit in the world.

  13. ARREST,him-send him to Gitmo AND while you are at it-arrest the leaders of the dem party as we can be very sure they are behind this.

  14. People who are supposed to be in positions of trust – are violating that trust and giving aid and comfort to our enemies. There is no punishment that will even come close to addressing the extreme damage this has done to our country – and our allies in that area. Tampering with access to nuclear launch codes and arming our adversaries with taxpayer funded state-of-the-art heavy weaponry is in a traitor class all by itself.

  15. I will hold my judgement until the accusations are proven to be true. And if ultimately proven to be true… Then yes. Milley and those complicit in high treason with him must be hung by the neck in a public execution, no different than the public execution of those who assassinated Abraham Lincoln.

    I hope the allegations are false.

  16. General Milley is in cahoots with former General Austin, secretary of Defense. Austin was waived of the seven year requirement past retirement to enter government service. That’s on the Senate. He is an incompetent, affirmative action promoted senior officer that should have resigned the day after Biden pulled out the troops, including the unnecessary 13 military lives lost. He did not, neither did General Milley. General Milley has violated several Articles of the UCMJ, including disrespecting the commander-in-chief, then President Trump. Both Milley and Austin need a military tribunal, to be held in GITMO, no press allowed. Upon convictions, the very least punishment would be reduction in rank, loss of retirement pay and benefits and a term in the military penitentiary at Fort Leavenworth, KS.
    MIlley, has made a public statement following the Afghanistan withdrawal that5 both he and SecDef advised Biden to move the equipment out, protect the forces and to do that north of the Kabul airport where the US had secure facilities. It is customary for the armed forces leaders to offer their resignation upon the failure of a mission. to wit: General Eisenhower prepared his resignation the day before D-Day and stated that he took full responsibilty for the failure of the invasion. The man had integrity, which is lacking totally in the DOD and this administration.

  17. Thank you for your service. Now step into the gas chamber and take biden and dorkas mayorkas, along with the rest of those du-bags with you!

  18. It’s time to start hanging these Treason sneaking officials. Time to prosecute these Democrats who
    Think there above prosecution of the law. How come Hillary was never indicted for all her crimes.
    After to years Hunter Biden never been indicted or The Big Guy Joe Biden for Treason. Nancy Pelosi
    Never indicated for Jan 6 not having national guard protecting the government house taxpayers pay for. All these Democrats that lied everyday about Trump should be in jail the taxpayers money they wasted and is unethical. It’s time America takes back its government and revamp the complete way we the people want our country to continue to be free Americans. We need to invest in our country America not other countries that don’t care about the USA. Close the borders and put Americans First. Biden is the stupidest president ever to be in the White House.

  19. He should be court marshal and if found guilty he should face a firing squad or busted to a rank of private and be kicked out of the military with a dishonorable discharge!

  20. General Milley, If it can be proven that he did in fact withhold the nuclear codes from President Trump and then secretly conversed with Communist China–who is our enemy–that is treason and he should go to trial and go to prison. I believe that those who have been found guilty of treason in the past have faced execution. General Milley is a disgrace to his uniform!

  21. Who in the government has the power to formally accuse Gen. Milley or is it wishful thinking that someone in our government will step forward, and then if that occurs, will the DOJ or Dept. of the Army, or Congress or whoever has this responsibility to move forward and approve his conviction?

  22. Just like most of the Dems he needs to be held accountable . That is no less than Treason . Just like Hillary and Obama . They all are criminals and should be in jail . It is pathetic how many of them actually seem like they hate America and manage to get rich off the deals they make with foreign country’s . All are traitors and need to be put in prison for what they have done or maybe even the firing squad.

  23. I agree, he should be tried for treason and executed. But, he probably won’t be. If anything, he should be stripped of his rank and never allowed to wear his uniform again. He is a disgrace and should be treated as such.

  24. Just stand him up in front of a wall and shoot him like the treason ridden scum that he is

  25. And who is going to put him in trial for treason? They will force him to retire and pay him a ton of money to do so. That is if they do anything at all. There are a lot of traitors in DC. Let’s start with Obama and Biden.

  26. Court Martial him under the Code of Military Justice. If found guilty, reduce him to the rank of private, strip him of his pay and allowances and send him to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas for the rest of his life. As an alternative, he could be executed.

  27. Biggest disgrace to ever wear the uniform!!!! Hanging is to good for him!!! Should be stripped of all rank lose his pension then thrown into the worst jail we can find!!! Needs to answer 1 question what would be the outcome if this was another military member???? What would be the repercussions???? POS

  28. A hunting reserve with dem politicians and rinos for harvesting as a start. Open bidding on the shooting slots. Have another one for the MSM, BLM etc. Would pick the economy right up in more ways then one in no time.

  29. Another TRAITOR. He best hope, TRUMP is not elected, or he may be standing in front of a wall, no cigarette or blind fold, but 6 or more loaded rifles pointed at him.

  30. This man should be reduced in rank discharge without any retirement pay ,
    He’s another trailer he needs to be tried for treason no wonder the National
    Debit is so high, between joe ,nancy,chucky and a bunch more of joes administration giving all to this our countries , and not taking care of Americans first ,not closing the southern borders and leaving all those weapons in
    Afghanistan ,and Americans over there, joe , nancy should be tried for treason .

  31. If it had been President Trump they’d have already have arrested him and crucified him. This is treason. This office should be executed.

  32. The Penalty for treason is to be HUNG BY THE NECK until dead, If the allegations are true. Immediately take him And Hang him on the White house Lawn. This as a lesson to any other Potential TRAITORS.

  33. If these allegations are True, immediately take and HANG him in Public on The White House Lawn as a sign to Other Potential Treasonous People.

  34. Milley and his cohorts should be tried at military tribunals and after been found guilty…public primetime hangings front and center of an American audience.

  35. Bust him to private on dishonorable discharge, then put him in cage of hungry lions butt naked on pay per view. This way we can recover the $80bil he gifted to the Taliban.

  36. Strip him of his rank, and all military privileges! Then dishonorably discharge that clown! At the very least, Trump had, and still has his reasoning faculties….unlike the current individual in the funny shaped office.

  37. LMAO! Surely you jest! He will be given a high paying no show job at CNN or Net Flix! Plus biden will make sure he gets a full pardon and of course with 100% of his pension! Just like McCabe! And CNN and MSNBC will have him on 24/7 stating what a hero they think he is! And the super stupid will swallow it all. Just like they do with every other turd they are tossed! I would be surprised if he didn’t buy the house right next to Obama in Martha’s Vineyard. While laughing at how he got away with screwing America! Just like Bush, Cheney, Obama, Clinton’s. And once again the brainwashed Democrats will have freed a traitor! And the less than useless corrupt courts and FBI will do nothing!

  38. The real question here is not IF he committed treason (the evidence shows HE DID), but will he (Milley) ever be charged?

  39. Regardless of how we think and/or feel about this, we all know, sadly, that NOTHING will happen to this TRAITOR SCUM.

  40. So lemme see: They arrest Patriots for displaying their constitutional rights but these demonic communist radicals get to Hold Office and make decisions in NATIONAL Security if there even is any and he’s walking around “FREE” two years later??????

  41. So the word “National” Capitalized or the word “Free” upsets you? That is the reason I am in moderation?
    So lemme see: They arrest Patriots for displaying their constitutional rights but these demonic communist radicals get to Hold Office and make decisions in NATIONAL Security if there even is any and he’s walking around “FREE” two years later??????


  42. Give him clemency If he names the rest of the traders in the government. I think he is not the only TRAITOR In out government. They need to be flushed out. Have him name them & then treat him like Bednarcik Arendall.

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