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Why The New Imperial Leader Is Far More Dangerous Than George Soros Ever Was

For years, George Soros has been the prime example of a villain in the eyes of many conservative and alternative media outlets.

The phrase “Soros-backed District Attorney” has been used so often since 2015 that Google gave up on suppressing it. Now, with Alex Soros taking control of his father’s $25 billion empire, this reign of terror may soon be amplified.

Alex is the oldest son from George’s second wife, Susan Weber. He was elected chairman of the Open Society Foundation in December and is now responsible for directing political activity as president of Soros’ super PAC.

Unlike Jonathan Soros, who was seen as the “heir apparent,” Alex is described by the Wall Street Journal as an introverted fat kid who blossomed into a red-shoe wearing party animal and cared little about finance but loved football and philosophy instead.

Their differences upended the succession plan. George was impulsive. Jonathan was analytical and contemplative. Jonathan was respectful of George but pushed back when he disagreed with his father’s decisions, according to people who worked with them. When they butted heads about two senior hiring choices, George felt his authority challenged. Jonathan felt undermined.

Looking to keep peace in the family, Jonathan left the Soros’s investment business in 2011, he said. His father soured about picking him to lead the foundation. “We didn’t get on on certain points,” George said. “That became evident to both of us, particularly to him, and he wanted to be out on his own.” -WSJ

According to Aryeh Neier, former president of Open Society Foundation from 1993 to 2012: “I expected Jonathan to be the one” when it came to taking control after George. Neier also admitted that when Alex was working part-time at the foundation between 2004 and 2006 he hardly made any impression let alone being seen as a likely successor.

He cared little about finance and couldn’t persuade his father to watch football. Instead, they spent hours discussing ideas and global politics. His thesis topic, “Jewish Dionysus: Heine, Nietzsche and the Politics of Literature,” thrilled his father. For Alex, “it’s football, philosophy and politics, in that order,” said Svante Myrick, one of his friends. -WSJ

But move over Jonathan; enter Alex – ready to take charge with an attitude that he’ll do whatever it takes to defeat Donald Trump if he runs again in 2024.

According to him: “As much as I would love to get money out of politics, as long as the other side is doing it we will have to do it too.” Sadly, this means taking advantage of election laws changed by Marc Elias – Democrat superlawyer employed by his Super PAC – leading up to 2020 election where Joe Biden won with 81 million votes against Trump’s 74 million votes despite numerous reports claiming fraud during voting process in some states like Georgia which had Biden winning over Trump with only 12 thousand votes difference (according BBC).

Foundation money also goes to universities and other educational organizations. The Soros super PAC, Democracy PAC, has backed the election campaigns of district attorneys and law-enforcement officials seeking to reduce incarceration rates and racial bias in the justice system, among the efforts that have riled the right.

The selection of Alex, a hip-hop fan and New York Jets devotee, was once a long shot. Early on, Alex barely spoke up in meetings and was best known for his highflying social life. “Gorgeous models, NBA pals and hide-and-seek at his mansion: Welcome to the lavish life of investor George Soros’ playboy son,” said one Daily online headline in 2016. -WSJ

And while Elon Musk compared George Soros with supervillain Magneto calling selection of Alex just a formality because “Alex has been de facto in charge for several years” this isn’t something anyone should find reassuring or comforting given what we know about how powerful George Soros can be when manipulating global affairs towards advancing his own agenda such us funding groups like Antifa or backing district attorneys propagating liberal law enforcement policies aligned with his ideals rather than those protecting citizens’ rights.

We need not fear anymore with Jonathon out but rather brace ourselves for what lies ahead under new leadership determined not only to carry on George’s legacy but also make it even more dangerous thanks not only money but also resources available through super PACs which are increasingly becoming powerful tools used by politicians and bureaucrats alike looking for ways circumvent democratic process through propaganda campaigns capable influencing public opinion towards achieving their goals regardless whether these goals actually represent popular opinion or not putting everyone’s fundamental rights at risk if left unchecked.




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  1. I didn’t think it possible for any family clan to be worse than the bidens, but I was mistaken as the soros clan may be even worse for the world!

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