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Hobbs Dodges Questions About Stolen 2022 Election, Signature Verification Fraud, and Ongoing Lawsuits From Reporter

At a press conference held by Katie Hobbs and the Arizona Department of Water Resources Director Tom Buschatzke earlier this week, The Gateway Pundit (TGP) correspondent Jordan Conradson attempted to ask questions regarding the midterm election that was widely believed to be stolen.

However, despite her role in overseeing the election, Hobbs refused to answer any questions regarding it and even laughed at them alongside other leftwing media members present.

Hobbs opened the press conference with a scripted speech about Arizona’s water resources before taking questions from reporters.

When pressed on issues relating to the election she immediately dismissed them as “conspiracy theories” and claimed they were not within her jurisdiction – despite evidence suggesting otherwise.

This includes a recent Rasmussen poll which showed that Kari Lake won by 8 points against corrupt Democrat Katie Hobbs. Furthermore, 55% of Arizona voters believe that intentional voter suppression occurred when 59% of machines failed on Election Day.

Lake’s attorneys have filed an appeal against a judge’s recent rulings; however they plan to take their challenge all the way up to the United States Supreme Court if necessary.

New evidence has been revealed which shows Maricopa County employees secretly reconfiguring voting machines after certification – potentially leading to machine failure on Election Day targeting Republicans in particular areas.

Additionally, 274,000 ballot signatures were compared and verified in less than three seconds during a signature verification trial – something Kurt Olsen (attorney for Kari Lake) described as “impossible” during his testimony in court.

The refusal from Katie Hobbs comes shortly after U.S Appeals Court had ruled unconstitutional Maricopa County officials preventing TGP reporter Jordan Conradson from attending briefings before 2022 midterm elections due him being an independent journalist – setting a historic new precedent for independent journalists across America.

This all seems like an attempt from Katie Hobb’s camp to silence reports of fraudulent activity surrounding her own election victory; one which numerous Arizonans still believe is rigged with broken voting machines and fraudulent signature verifications occurring throughout it..




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  1. It was Katie Hobbs job as Secretary of State to insure the election was fair, accurate, and absent of fraud. She failed! She is responsible and accountable for what happened. Her continual refusal to address evidence of her failure only makes her look more corrupt.

  2. Like 2020, the 2022 “election” was a Soviet style sham done to keep/put devildemo-commiecrats in power!!!!! By the time “courts” get around to doing anything, if the do, it will be too late to undo the damage purposely wrought on We the People!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Th only reason anyone STOLEN 2022 ELECTION, SIGNATURE VERIFICATION FRAUD, AND ONGOING LAWSUITS is that they are 100% guilty of all charges. The 2020 election was not a lost election, we lost our nation. The apparent Communists posing as Democrats have taken over and they will never let go of the power they have now.

  4. The democrats have been Stealing Elections since the Devil created them. This goes back at least to Tammy Hall and Boss Tweed in the 1850s. It is about Time these Criminals are Brought to Justice. Unfortunately, it seems, thanks to the democrats, there is No Justice other than The Peoples Justice. So Be It!

    1. Tammany Hall (post 1960s) now identifies itself as: “The Federal Court of the Southern District of New York” or SDNY.

  5. If eventually a judge does actually look at the evidence and proclaims Keri Lake the actual winner because of all the malfeasance,..every single judge that dismissed her claims should be disbarred.

  6. Kari’s not going to quit. We all know the election was stolen (even though the dem’s won’t admit it), same as the 2020, except this time more obvious. I can’t wait until the day Kari win’s and true justice is vetted out to all those that committed TREASON. hobbs, Maricopa board of supe’s, election official’s and election workers “in on it”, and that CORRUPT JUDGE peter thompson.

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