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RINO Sununu to Trump: Thanks for Your Service, But ‘We’re Moving On’ in 2024

On Tuesday, Governor Chris Sununu appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” and made the audacious claim that Americans are “moving on” from former President Donald Trump in 2024.

Sununu, who has tossed out the idea of running in the presidential election, said, “The race for president hasn’t really started. No one’s really thinking that way. Remember, we’re just coming out of November of ’22. And, you and I are in this world talking about it all the time, but the average American, they’re dealing with inflation, they’re dealing with high housing prices, record debt at the household level.”

The globalist RINO continued, “And look, my message to, about President Trump is we thank you for your service. Great, but we’re moving on. Americans are not in the mode of just settling. Right? We’re never going to say, ‘The best opportunity for tomorrow’s leadership is yesterday’s leadership.’ We want the next generation. We want the next big idea.”


Sununu argued, “The former president is kind of baked in. Either you are with him, or you are not. I don’t think anything’s going to get his poll numbers up. And as this race actually heats up and people start paying attention, there’s just going to be a lot of other options on the table.”

FNC host Bret Baier asked, “And for the people who say the more candidates get in – if you choose to – the more the chances are that the former president shoots the gap and becomes the nominee?”

Sununu replied, “So here’s the key. I don’t care how many get in. You got to have the discipline to get out. And that’s what a lot of folks did not have in ’16.”

Oh please. If Sununu wants to move on so bad, he can! Right on over to the Democratic Party since that’s where his loyalties lie.




9 Responses

  1. Sununu was a republican long before Trump was. Everyone who doesn’t bow down to Trump is a rino? Give me a break.

  2. yet another out of touch politician! these people need to be voted OUT of office (and for some simply being voted out of office is not enough. many need to go to trial and those who are guilty of breaking the law, should be imprisoned) so our country can be salvaged.

  3. That’s right we are moving on with or without Chris Sununu, GO President Trump you are God’s chosen and anointed one for such a time as this, since the rest of the so called presidential candidates has already lost their place at the table before they even start. But if they want God to embarrass them go for it, there is nothing holding them back but air and opportunity.

  4. Asswipe clown Sununu is nothing but a full blown RINO !! This inbred nitwit running for president is a JOKE !! The socialist democrats would have Sununu in their back pocket in a heartbeat !!! PISS in RINO Sununu !!!!

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